Leviton's Renu® Collection Adds a Colorful Finishing Touch to Any Room

New line of electrical devices allows homeowners to change out colorful faces in a snap

MELVILLE, N.Y. - Leviton has introduced Renu®, a new collection of electrical wiring devices, including switches, outlets, dimmers and wallplates, which feature easily changeable faceplates that are available in 20 popular colors.

A smart choice for the do-it-yourself decorator, Renu allows homeowners to match the electrical devices of a room to the wall color or the trim, contrast them, or find their own mix-and-match style with other colors in the room. The Renu line of devices coordinates with popular paint colors adding appeal to any decor.

"Often, when planning the design of a room, electrical outlets and switches are afterthoughts," said Selin Glickman, Director of Product Management for Leviton. "From warm, neutral colors to deeper, bold colors, Renu provides homeowners with a new, inexpensive and unique way to incorporate more color and add flair to a room. It turns the electrical device into a decorative, updatable accessory."

The variety of available colors, such as Dapper Tan and Granny Smith Apple, allows Renu users to find the perfect color for their design. And when their tastes change, a homeowner can snap off the face and snap on a new color in seconds, without touching the electrical parts behind the wall or hiring an electrician to replace the device. Once the electrical components are installed, the sleek, screwless wallplates snap directly onto the device, making the faceplates easy for a homeowner to change again and again. Changing the faceplate is as easy as squeezing tabs and pushing down on hooks to remove the outlet face, and snapping on a new face.

The electrical components for Renu devices are easy to install as well - the devices are simple to wire, fitting neatly into a wallbox. The innovative tongue-and-groove design makes it a snap to align device parts in multi-gang applications.

For more information or to purchase a Renu device, visit Leviton.com/renu and Amazon.com.

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