Leviton Announces a New Live and Web Integrated Experience Across All Leviton Lighting Brands and Control Technologies

MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Leviton Lighting is excited to announce that the professional lighting market will now have access to four distinct Leviton LIVE locations to experience firsthand the depth and breadth of Leviton Lighting brands, products and control solutions.

The most recent lighting move for Leviton as of September 1, includes moving the Birchwood Lighting office to Leviton's Anaheim, Calif. facility joining the current home of the Intense Lighting brand. This move will provide a stronger experience by combining Leviton's architectural lighting brands. The Anaheim facility is also home to a 6,000 square-foot Leviton LIVE educational space also known as The Center.

Leviton Lighting's commercial brand, ConTech, is just north of Chicago and is also home to another Leviton LIVE facility. All Leviton Lighting brands, including Birchwood, Intense, ConTech, JCC and its newest controls brand, Intellect™, can now be viewed at any of the Leviton LIVE centers in New Orleans, San Francisco, Anaheim and Chicago. While the Anaheim and Chicago locations focus solely on lighting and technology, the New Orleans and San Francisco locations will also provide an entire Leviton product portfolio experience. 

"Through our Leviton LIVE facilities, we continue to showcase some of the most advanced, integrated and connected lighting solutions globally," said Philip Warner, vice president and general manager of the Leviton Lighting business unit. "Our award-winning portfolio combines both commercial and architectural design and connected technology through our new controls brand, Intellect, giving our customers complete control over design and connected technology."

In addition to the four Leviton LIVE facilities, Leviton is making it easier for customers to research and learn more about Leviton Lighting brands with the launch of a new integrated lighting website, Leviton.com/lighting. The introduction of an online Leviton Lighting virtual tour for all of Leviton's unique lighting brands simplifies the online user experience so architects, designers, contractors and building owners can make educated choices about the options available to them. 

"At Leviton, we're all about making it happen for our customers," added Warner. "Now our customers are a mouse click or short trip away from experiencing the Leviton Lighting portfolio for any type of professional architectural and commercial setting. We look forward to hosting current and new customers to fully experience our products and solutions."

About Leviton Lighting 
Leviton Lighting provides professional lighting and wireless control solutions for architectural, commercial, and residential applications throughout North America and the United Kingdom. The diverse lighting portfolio consists of innovative products from five distinct brands which are Birchwood, ConTech, Intellect, Intense and JCC. Each individual brand offers quality lighting and an integrated control solution developed for specifiers, distributors, and end-users. For more information about Leviton Lighting solutions, visit: www.leviton.com/lighting.

About Leviton 
Every day, Leviton is engineering possibilities that make the future happen, meeting the needs of today's residential, commercial, and industrial customers globally. From electrical, to lighting, to data networks, and energy management, Leviton develops thoughtful solutions that help make its customers' lives easier, safer, more efficient and more productive. Driven by its commitment to its customers, the ingenuity of its employees and the safety and quality of its products and solutions, with Leviton, the FUTURE IS ON. For more information, visit http://www.leviton.com/www.facebook.com/levitonwww.twitter.com/leviton, or www.youtube.com/Levitonmfg

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