Level 3 Announces VoIP Deployment for Lavalife

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 20 // - Level 3 Communications' Wholesale Markets Group today announced that it has deployed an innovative, first-of-its-kind combination of services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for Lavalife Corp., a leading provider of products and services designed for singles.

The solution Level 3 designed for Lavalife comprises a robust combination of Level 3(R) Local Inbound Service, Level 3 Toll Free Service, Level 3 International Termination Service, Level 3 Colocation Service, and Level 3 High Speed IP service. Lavalife and Level 3 collaborated to implement a solution that could provide significant operational cost savings and quickly and effectively manage Lavalife's localized promotions.

The solution results in increased efficiencies for Lavalife and gives the company the opportunity to grow into new markets - all with the ease of doing business with one company. The solution has already helped Lavalife save significant costs on telephone-related equipment and production hardware by replacing Lavalife's TDM-based infrastructure across 40 cities with Level 3's IP services technology. Lavalife is anticipating considerable annual maintenance cost savings resulting from the implementation of this solution.

"We are very pleased with the VoIP solution that we have been able to develop and operate in conjunction with Level 3," said Marina Glogovac, chief executive officer for Lavalife. "By converting millions of minutes of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Personals traffic from legacy telecommunications infrastructures to VoIP and processing them centrally, we have reduced costs and improved efficiencies in a number of categories."

"Lavalife is a forward-thinking company using powerful technology to solve its real world business problems," said Myrle McNeal, senior vice president of Voice Service Provider markets for Level 3. "We are proud to provide Lavalife with the solutions and support they need to quickly and nimbly enter new markets and continue to grow their business into the future."

All of Level 3's VoIP services are delivered over the Level 3 voice network, which is engineered and maintained to meet the needs of the world's largest, most demanding service providers. This solution supported by the Level 3 network is another example of how VoIP is enabling new and emerging applications that are fueling the growth of the wholesale marketplace.

Lavalife, a Toronto, Ontario based company, recently received the Silver Award of Excellence for Innovation for this innovative solution from Canadian Information Productivity Award (CIPA), Canada's oldest and largest awards program in the field of information technology.

About Lavalife

Lavalife is ranked the #1 dating site in Canada* and is ranked among the top 10 worldwide dating sites.** A leading provider of products and services designed for singles, Lavalife connects, engages and entertains through a variety of web, voice and mobile offerings. Founded in 1987, Lavalife Corp. markets its products and services across the United States, Canada and Australia and allows its members anytime, anywhere access to like-minded individuals. Lavalife's open-minded approach to dating allows singles to choose how they want to "click" by offering three unique communities: dating, relationships and intimate encounters. Lavalife has attracted millions of unique members who exchange 1.3 million messages every day. For more information, visit www.lavalife.com/corp or http://www.lavalife.com/mediaroom.

* Source: Combination of comScore Media Metrix and Lavalife. Lavalife estimates that it ranks #1 in Canada when publicly quoted statistics are adjusted to reflect traffic assigned to other web sites.

** Source: Combination of comScore Media Metrix and Lavalife. Lavalife

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