Leesburg Concrete Hosts Precast Show 2015 Plant Tour

Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. hosted the NPCA 2015 Plant Tour.  NPCA - National Precast Concrete Association Producer and Associate members toured Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc.’s facility in Leesburg, Florida as part of the Annual Precast Show which was held in Orlando, Florida this year.  The Precast Show is known to be the largest precast-specific trade show in North America. Leesburg Concrete Company, which is an award winning NPCA Certified Plant, opened their facility to nearly 300 people from the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand.

This year’s Precast Show had a prominent focus on education and the plant tour session reflected that.  Leesburg Concrete had the opportunity to be the first plant tour which offered education stations.  LCCI set up four stations to provide topic specific information and demonstrations.

1. Pre-pour/Post-pour Inspections

2. Post Tensioning

3. Concrete Repair / Patching

4. Making your own blockouts.

The event was well organized and delivered three waves of attendees, two busloads at a time.  When the guests arrived they were greeted at the welcome tent and divided into four groups.  The groups then rotated in 15 minute intervals to provide the best experience possible and to allow for interaction.  When the rotation was complete the group revisited the welcome station and they were on their way making room for the next wave.  “I think it was a real success” noted Shawn Thomas, Leesburg Concrete Company Co-Owner, who along with his staff readied and staged the facility.  “NPCA Members and NPCA staff stopped to express thanks, recognizing the preparation and performance. Their appreciation means a lot.” 

The NPCA’s mission reads in part:

National Precast Concrete Association has represented manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products and the suppliers of products and services for the industry since 1965. We are dedicated to expanding the use of quality precast concrete and providing members with the programs and information required to operate a successful precast plant.

We received a lot of positive feedback” said Kirk Rouse, Leesburg Concrete Co-Owner. “Members reached out during the rest of the Precast Show events to tell us that they benefited and thanked us for hosting the tour.  The goal was to share information that other precasters could use to benefit their organizations.  I think we accomplished that.”  Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc is a proud NPCA Certified Plant precast concrete producer.

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated

LCCI produces precast concrete in their Leesburg, Florida NPCA certified plant. They specialize in precast concrete and metal fabrication.  Leesburg Concrete is proud of their continued diversification expansion and success. Family owned and operated since 1983, Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated was first a leading manufacturer of precast concrete steps decks, walkways, landings, and ADA compliant modular precast concrete wheelchair ramps, with steel guard rails, and handrails. LCCI has grown to include architectural precast wall panels and precast concrete stairs in its product offerings. LCCI also offers a wide array of custom precast product options.  “We Take Pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations” stated Kirk Rouse, Vice President of LCCI.  This American, family-owned company demonstrates a philosophy of quality and innovation. 

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated is focused on meeting the needs of commercial building construction and renovation projects. Their experienced staff provides turnkey service, and it only takes one call to find the solution to your building needs. For more information visit their website at www.leesburgconcrete.com, (800) 882-4177, or KRouse@leesburgconcrete.com.

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