Lectronix Inc. of Lansing Receives their MFi License

Lansing, Michigan based electronics manufacturer Lectronix is now certified to design and develop with Apple product components

Lansing, Mich – Lectronix Inc., an electronics design and manufacturing business in Lansing, Michigan has received their MFi manufacturing license. MFi, which stands for "Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad", is a licensing program put on by Apple Inc. The license provides documentation and technical support for development, and access to proprietary Apple components such as connectors for manufacturing. Applicable electronic accessories built by MFi manufacturers also have the right to display authorized MFi logos.

With the MFi license, Lectronix is now able to design and manufacture products that connect to Apple devices. "As an innovative electronics supplier, Lectronix is always keeping an eye on the future. We see more and more customers across diverse industries that are finding connectivity with Apple devices to be a key part of their product strategy. With this license we are now better prepared to help our customers build those solutions." said Tom Bayerl, CEO of Lectronix.

As smart, connected devices become more prominent in every aspect of life, being able to design electronics with versatile connectivity options becomes a crucial part of the product development process. Lectronix plans to utilize their MFi license to help customers achieve optimal connectivity for their products in the age of the Internet of Things.

About Lectronix, Inc.: Founded in 2002, Lectronix provides a mix of engineering services, manufacturing, and proprietary in-house designs to customers seeking turnkey solutions for complex electronic assemblies. Lectronix specializes in automotive displays and processors, including systems with the latest in safety, telematics, infotainment, and navigation, and has pioneered the use of rugged in-dash Android platforms for commercial truck and public safety applications. Contact Information: http://www.lectronixinc.com

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