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Latest Mixed Field Analyzer Eliminates Post Processing

SAN RAFAEL, CA: A new mixed field analyzer (MFA) has been invented that eliminates post processing. The instrument provides real time event processing for fast organic liquid scintillation detectors.

Hybrid Instruments, with BNC Scientific, unveiled the newest Mixed Field Analyzer at SORMA West May 14-17, 2012 in Oakland, California. Prof. Malcolm Joyce and Dr. Frank Cave, Co-Founders of Hybrid Instruments, have invented a self-contained real-time digital Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) system. This versatile MFA can be used with a range of fast scintillation detectors for real-time PSD and timing applications, and comes with a dedicated analysis package.

Hybrid Instruments' Mixed Field Analyzer splits gamma rays and neutrons, particularly fast neutrons, on the fly. The Mixed Field Analyzer's outputs are synchronized with the time of arrival of the event, allowing for coincidence measurements to be made. This synchronization eliminates the need to repeat the experiment/event. This is particularly important if the environment being measured is difficult to access or repeat.

"If you are working in an environment that perhaps is difficult to get access- if you have to post process- then you're never quite sure if you have enough data." said Prof. Malcolm Joyce, Co-Founder of Hybrid Instruments and co-inventor of the Mixed Field Analyzer. "So, with this [Mixed Field Analyzer} because its real time, you run it for as long as you want to until you've collected a sufficient amount as opposed to coming out of the environment, post processing, and saying 'ok, we need to go back in'. For organic scintillators the MFA is all you need: strap two MFAs together and you've got the basis for neutron coincidence measurements."

Hybrid Instruments' Mixed Field Analyzer is the latest technology in gamma neutron separation. SORMA West was the United States premier, with BNC Scientific as the proud sponsor.

About the Company: BNC Scientific, a division of Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation, is available to address growing demands in the scientific community with strong, US-based service and application support. We offer a high degree of attention to each application with unparalleled use of technology resources. BNC Scientific represents best-in-class instrumentation for applications in research.

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