Gives Away Free Slag Removal Tools

The free gift is available with the purchase of any set of copper laser slats.

Saint Paul, MINN. - June 22, 2009: A company in Minnesota has introduced a successful product in November of 2008 that offered manufacturing companies a substantial discount on custom copper laser slats for laser cutting machinery. The slats are those used in the laser cutting beds that hold material to be laser cut.

"The copper slats have been a hit." says Brent Erickson, one of the account managers at "We're getting a lot of positive feedback about how well the copper laser slats work, and people couldn't be happier about how much longer they last than steel slats."

The offer for the free slat removal tool was set to end on June 30th, 2009, but due to an overwhelming demand for the slats and slag removal tools, the company has extended that deadline until July 7th, 2009. This extension is aimed to provide an extra week to those customers who would still like to take advantage of the deal but haven't yet had the chance.

"The slag removal tool is built from material that's five times stronger than steel to easily remove the excess slag from the slats and straighten the tips at the same time. The tool works great, both on copper and steel slats." Erickson adds, and it's true. The tool was engineered to withstand even the heaviest of slag build-up, and was built ultra-sturdy to resist bending or breaking. is a branch of Fedtech, Inc. The brand is a recognized supplier and manufacturer of custom copper laser cutting slats for laser cutting machinery. These custom copper slats last 3-5 times longer than steel grates, require less maintenance and help to process materials more efficiently. To receive your free slat removal tool, order your next set of copper laser slats at

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