Laser Safety Courses improve awareness and competence.

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Committed to keeping workplace safe from hazards associated with lasers, LIA offers safety training courses, based on ANSI Z136 series of laser safety standards, for personnel in research, industrial, and medical laser facilities. Onsite and online options bring laser safety training to workplace, addressing instances where attendance is inconvenient due to scheduling or travel constraints. Regional classroom-based courses are also available.

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LIA's Laser Safety Training

Lasers and laser-based equipment are constantly evolving as new techniques and uses are developed. The only means to keeping pace with these advances is to educate those using these tools with training, whether through initial or refresher coursework and seminars. Training is an integral tool for the safe use of lasers and laser equipment used in manufacturing, medicine and research today.

The LIA is committed to keeping the workplace safe from hazards associated with lasers. Therefore, LIA offers a complete line of laser safety training courses for personnel in research, industrial and medical laser facilities. All of LIA's courses are based on the ANSI Z136 series of laser safety standards.

Onsite Training
Although LIA offers several different courses in a varietyof locations, there are many instances where attendance is inconvenient due to scheduling or travel constraints. To address these concerns, LIA has developed the ability to bring laser safety training to the workplace with onsite and online options.

Some of the customized in-house training and auditing opportunities available include: Industrial Laser Safety, Laser Safety Officer, Laser Safety in the Lab, Medical Hands-on Skills Validation, Medical Laser Safety Officer and Medical Laser Safety Awareness.

Regional Classroom Courses
LIA also offers several classroom-based courses - the Industrial Laser Safety Officer, Medical Laser Safety Officer, Laser Safety Officer and Laser Safety with Hazard Analysis. Visit for dates and locations of courses.

100% Online, 100% Convenient
With LIA's online laser safety courses, you have the opportunity to gain more knowledge in less time. Our online laser safety training courses are the most comprehensive and convenient, enabling you to access course work when and where it's convenient for you. Additionally, the online courses are budget friendly because they eliminate travel expenses. Following is an overview of our online courses to help you choose the correct one for you.

  • NEW! CO2 Medical Laser Safety Online
    Developed specifically for nurses in the operating room, surgical scrub technicians and circulating nurses, the CO2 Medical Laser Safety Course will provide the foundation needed to practice optimal laser safety when working specifically with CO2 lasers. While the course is ideal for medical staff without any prior laser safety training, it provides a comprehensive overview for more advanced medical laser safety officers as well.

  • Industrial Laser Safety Training Online
    If you are working with or around lasers in an industrial setting, there is a unique set of safety concerns to address whether you are a small shop with one laser, or a large manufacturer with several laser processing systems. From automobile, aircraft and boat manufacturers, to welding shops, this highly focused course provides a comprehensive overview of laser safety as it relates specifically to industrial laser applications.

  • Laser Safety Officer Training Course Online
    LIA's most popular training program for the laser safety officer (LSO) is now offered over the Internet in a convenient, easy-to-use online course format. As an LSO, you have one of the most important responsibilities in your organization - to uphold the highest standard of laser safety and the enforcement of safety policies in order to protect your team.

    The LIA Laser Safety Officer course is packed with useful information you can apply immediately. With a focus on safety program development and administration, it covers lasers and optics, bioeffects, beam and non-beam hazards, control measures and training requirements. Through a non-mathematical approach,the course is designed to teach the administrative duties of the LSO described in the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers standard. In addition, the course meets all LSO training requirements outlined by ANSI, OSHA and ACGIH. LIA's Laser Safety Officer online training course is designed for all levels of experience and involvement including industrial, military, educational or research applications of lasers. It is tailored to fit the needs of safety professionals, engineers, laser operators, technicians and other professionals assigned the duties of LSO who are not required to perform hazard analysis calculations.

  • Laser Safety Training for Physicians Online
    As a physician, you have a special set of concerns regarding laser safety at your medical facility, especially in your surgical environment. At LIA, we have assessed these topics and designed an online course focusing on laser safety specifically for physicians.

  • Medical Laser Safety Officer TrainingCourse Online
    At LIA, we know safety is a top priority in your operating room and medical facility, and we understand the pressure to keep everything running smoothly. That's why we have designed our Medical Laser Safety Officer (MLSO) online course to meet the special needs of RNs, OR supervisors, training coordinators and other medical professionals who have been appointed the critical responsibility of LSO.

    For information on in-house audits, contact LIA's Education Director Gus Anibarro at 407-380-1553 or

    As a complement to all our online courses, LIA, in 2010, introduced The Evaluator, the industry's first web-based laser safety hazard analysis system that utilizes an innovative delivery system to provide a new and improved user experience for laser safety officers of all skill levels. Our exclusive web-based Laser Safety Hazard Analysis System is designed to provide enhanced accessibility, easier navigation and more accurate results.

    This innovative system provides a reliable way to easily double-check laser safety calculations. It is based on the ANSIZ136.1 American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers and will perform repeated calculations of maximum permissible exposure (MPE), optical density (OD), nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD), nominal hazard zone (NHZ) and laser hazard classification.

    Benefits of the easy-to-navigate Evaluator include being able to change laser settings by easily switching between CW, single pulse or repetitively pulsed lasers as well as adjusting the beam profile, the ability to save reports (advanced/intermediate only), view graphs and make suggestions for new features. You can also experiment with various laser, eyewear or barrier combination swith enhanced interactive graphic displays.

    One of the big advantages of The Evaluator is that you can choose the subscription level that fits your specific needs- advanced, intermediate or basic. Why pay more for features you may not need? This budget-friendly option is perfect for organizations that may only need the basic or intermediate calculation features. Plus, you can easily upgrade or downgrade to any subscription level at any time. For more information, e-mail or visit

    Now, your laser safety training is just a click away - in a 100% online format! Visit for a listing of all of LIA's courses.
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