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Larson Electronics Magnalight Spotlights Help Elephant Conservation Efforts

Press release date: Mar 08, 2012

Conservation teams working with National Elephant Conservation Centre in Malaysia will be receiving Magnalight LED spotlights to assist their efforts to capture and relocate wild elephants which have become endangered by development. Elephants captured by the teams are taken to the Kuala Gandah elephant orphanage and sanctuary where they are cared for until relocation. Larson Electronics LED spotlights are being donated to the teams to replace their poor performing halogen spotlights with better performing and more durable LEDs due to the safety and reliability problems encountered with traditional spotlights.

Conservation teams in Malaysia will soon be receiving high quality lighting equipment from Larson Electronics to assist in their elephant conservation efforts. Three of Magnalight's HL-85-10W1-M pistol grip LED spotlights are being donated to relocation teams working with the Malay Department of Wildlife and National Parks in an effort to improve the safety and effectiveness of these teams' operations. In the ever growing need for more land and growth, wild elephant habitat is shrinking as land is cleared for farming and the production of cash crops. Elephants which normally had free range are frequenting these newly developed areas and feeding on newly established crops, which in turn is resulting in serious conflicts between local farmers and the elephants. Rather than simply kill the elephants as was done in the past, Malaysian wildlife authorities are sending out teams to locate, tranquilize and capture, and then relocate elephants which have become a problem.

The teams performing these relocations must often perform under the cover of night and face serious dangers that are multiplied by their reliance on old and outdated equipment. The Magnalight LED spotlights being sent to these teams will replace their old halogen marine spotlights which frequently burn out and fail due to the abusive use the teams subject them to and the harsh conditions encountered in the jungles during their efforts. These Magnalight spotlights will not burn out or fail due to broken filaments and can withstand the most demanding conditions and use without any reduction in power or effectiveness. Producing 800 lumens and a beam 800 feet long, these LED spotlights produce twice as much light as the halogen units the teams currently use while using far less power.

Constructed of heavy duty impact resistant nylon with a machined aluminum lamp assembly and LEXAN lamp lens, these pistol grip spotlights were designed with military and industrial applications in mind. These LED spotlights can be field serviced if needed without tools, and operate with 12 volt DC current via an included coil cord and cigarette lighter plug adapter. This latest application situated in the jungles of Malaysia highlights the ruggedness and power of these Magnalight spotlights and demonstrates the versatility these LED spotlights offer to users over a wide range of potential applications.

"The elephants in Malaysia are majestic creatures in danger of being exterminated so I have chosen to aid the Malaysian Elephant relocation program," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "Our HL-85-10W1-M pistol grip LED spotlights will make an enormous difference in the search team's ability to relocate wayward elephants. These state of the art LED spotlights will replace the old failing halogen to make a hard job much easier and we salute their efforts to save the dwindling elephant population."

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