Lanner Group, Inc. Achieves Double Digit Growth in 2010; Gains Momentum for 2011

Strong Customer Acquisition and Growth with Delivery of Key Product Enhancements Round Out Year

Houston, Texas - Lanner Group, the leading simulation specialist and business process improvement company, today revealed strong results for its US operation in 2010. Capitalizing on increased recognition of the uses for simulation technology, the Texas-based firm achieved double digit growth among both new and existing customers.

The Americas subsidiary of the UK headquartered parent of the same name, Lanner Group Ltd, exceeded its revenue growth and profit targets in 2010, reporting 10% growth in annual revenues, and delivering the highest sales income for three years.

Key sales drivers such as mergers and acquisitions, new business lines and operational efficiency have fueled Lanner Group growth. Additionally, the simulation tech's latest release of WITNESS software 'Power with Ease 3.0', launched in November, supported a positive customer response and strong retention into the beginning of 2011.

The firm also experienced an increase in custom consultancy commissions as clients opted to outsource simulation projects to deliver rapid turnaround solutions as they fought to identify productivity savings and process design improvements in the race to sharpen their competitive edge in today's challenging economic climate.

Mandy Tague, Lanner Group's director of business development, Americas, comments, "Despite uncertain economic conditions, our approach for process driven transformation transcends economic conditions and continues to deliver results across all industries."

She continues, "Moving into 2011, we will continue to invest heavily in new innovations to accelerate value for our customers and ensure we remain focused on our mission of being the premiere global process simulation software provider."

Last year also saw Lanner Group's outstanding commitment to customer support recognized when Open Ratings Inc., a Dun & Bradstreet company, certified the firm as a Top 20% Performer based on Past Performance Evaluation approval ratings from its reference customers.

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Lanner Group PR contact: Alexandra Brooks, [email protected]

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