Laird to Host Webinar on Making the Connected Hospital a Reality

With Guest Speaker Bill Quatier of Welch Allyn

Laird, a global technology company, announced today that it will be hosting a webinar, Making the Connected Hospital a Reality: Medical Grade Wi-Fi for Hospitals. The webinar features guest speakers Bill Quatier, solution architect of Welch Allyn and Chris Downey, product manager of Laird. The webinar will be hosted December 12, 2013 at 2pm EST. Register today to reserve your spot by going to

The webinar focuses on the understanding of mobility in one of the most challenging RF environments, a hospital. When dealing with medical devices, mobility must mean being continuously connected, anywhere, anytime. The webinar covers noteworthy topics such as utilizing the 5 GHz band efficiently and configuring the infrastructure and medical devices to be able to maintain continuous connectivity, even while roaming. Bill and Chris will walk you through these topics and more, allowing anyone, whether a CIO at a leading hospital, a medical device maker, or local IT staff, to follow along and learn the challenges and benefits of Wi-Fi mobility in a hospital.

“Laird is excited to partner with Welch Allyn on this webinar to discuss the best practices for using medical-grade Wi-Fi in hospitals”, said Chris Downey. “Hospital IT staff, Biomed Technicians and hospital executives interested in Making the Connected Hospital a Reality will all benefit from the best practices laid out by myself and Bill for delivering a secure and reliable wireless infrastructure.”

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Welch Allyn is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment and healthcare products for Physicians, Hospitals, and Emergency Medical Services. To learn more about Welch Allyn and their solutions, visit

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