Labelmaster's A.I.R. Shipper(TM) Combo Package Provides Comprehensive Information on Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air

Cost-effective package helps shippers comply with the latest regulations included in the 2009-2010 edition of the ICAO Technical Instructions.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - (July 1, 2008) - Labelmaster®, a U.S.-based manufacturer of hazardous materials and regulatory compliance products has combined its A.I.R. Shipper(TM), Air International Regulations for Shippers of Dangerous Goods; Early 49 CFR; 49 CFR Government edition and RegStick(TM) electronic editions into an affordable, convenient package. New companion books for the A.I.R. Shipper are also included: A.I.R. Shipper(TM) Packing Instructions provides guidance to forthcoming changes being implemented in 2011, A.I.R. Shipper(TM) Companion User's Guide provides important information on navigating through the A.I.R. Shipper(TM) and International Regulatory Structure booklet provides descriptions of the basic relationships of regulatory agencies and groups. Tabs, ruler and air label poster complete the set.

A.I.R. Shipper(TM) is recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and is developed in compliance with ICAO standards. The 2009 edition of A.I.R. Shipper(TM) is essential to shippers of dangerous goods by air. It provides information required for compliance with upcoming revisions to the ICAO Technical Instructions. Major changes to the shipping requirements include:

o New labels for cargo aircraft only consignments, excepted quantities and environmental hazard materials
o Extensive revisions to lithium battery requirements including new proper shipping names, packing instructions and markings
o Expanded requirements for fuel cells
o Updated Excepted Quantity requirements and marking
o Reformatted radioactive materials (RAM) chapter
o Dozens of changes to the dangerous goods list including reclassifications, special provisions and other changes

RegStick(TM), a USB flash drive, includes A.I.R. Shipper(TM), 49 CFR and Emergency Response Guidebook in a format that is easy to access and navigate. Keyword searches provide quick access to regulatory information from any computer. RegStick(TM) contains the following information:

o A.I.R. Shipper(TM)
o Emergency Response Guidebook
o Early 49 CFR
o Dangerous Goods Advisor

The combo packages range in price from $249 for standard bound publications to $259 for spiral bound publications. For additional information call 800-621-5808, or to order online, visit

Labelmaster, established in 1967, is a developer, manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of hazardous materials compliance products, including labels, forms, packaging, software, and publications. The company's 40 years of experience in providing regulatory information and products for all transportation modes make it especially qualified as a total compliance resource. Labelmaster's compliance division is located at 5724 N. Pulaski Road in Chicago.

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