Lab to Pilot Scale Filtration and Drying Made Easy with PSL's GFD® and SimpleFilter Dryers

Powder Systems Limited will be at InformEx 2015, booth 1219, from 3-5 February at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA.

PSL are looking forward to their first event of 2015, exhibiting its products at the renowned global showcase event InformEx 2015. PSL will be demonstrating the ground-breaking GFD® Lab Filter Dryer, part of the PSL Filter Dryer product range, with direct scale up capability up to production.

The GFD® nustche filter dryer, launched five years ago, can now be found in more and more pharmaceutical and drug discovery laboratories around the world. Since the 19th century chemists have used the commonly known method of Buchner filtration which would then be followed by the use of a vacuum dryer or other method to complete the drying phase.

The GFD® technology combines filtration, cake washing and drying all in one process and the product is fully recovered through the unique filtration basket.

Due to its direct scale-up abilities, this vacuum lab filtration and drying unit is ideal for feasibility studies and trials before investing in a large scale nutsche agitated filter dryer.

To take the units scalability a step further, in 2014 a new addition was launched to satisfy the increasing needs of laboratories:

A metallic vessel GFD®.

The rising demand for higher pressure requirement and exact replicate of pressured ANFD drove PSL, the manufacturer, to develop an alternative technology to its best seller, the lab Glass Filter Dryer. The GFD® Lab Filter Dryer is now available in glass borosilicate 3.3, stainless steel 316L and alloy C22.

The full GFD® range uses the same accessories, including control box and drive system for the agitator. Allowing true flexibility between the different vessels.

The GFD products range from the smallest size ‘Mini Lab’ GFD with 0.002m² filtration basket for a total volume of 0.3L, suitable for lab scale trials.

Then the ’Lab’ GFD size includes a removable filtration basket of 0.01m² for a cake volume around 0.5L for small scale synthesis, then the ‘Maxi Lab’ GFD is used within Kilo-Laboratory for a cake volume of 5L with 0.05m² filtration area.

The new Pilot Plant Filter Dryer from PSL, the SimpleFilter Dryer (SFD™) is also available as part of the PSL Filter Dryer product range. This pilot plant pressured filter dryer is designed for filtration, washing and drying of API and intermediates. The SFD also brings the best technology already available for pharmaceutical production of cytotoxic API to the chemical industry.

This pilot plant pressure vessel is polyvalent and features a heated insulated jacket for efficient drying, unique heated plate with filtration media support plate for enhanced drainability and side discharge plug. The latter allows total recovery of the finished product, safely using the GloveBag mounted on the discharge plug.

The GloveBag is the main new development in terms of accessories for explosion proof requirements, air-sensitive product offloading with the nitrogen purge but also cleaner discharging operation. The GloveBag makes the SDF a true innovation in the field of pressure filtration and drying equipment for chemical applications. The SimpleFilter Dryer is a cost-effective alternative to the costly investment of an agitated nutsche filter dryer (ANFD), tray dryer or similar, and stainless steel gloveboxes for product transfer and offloading. The capital investment and footprint is greatly reduced by using the SFD technology.

PSL will be joined in New Orleans by our partner SepSol Process Solutions.

Appointed as the official sales partner under PSL Plus, our international partnership network, to sell PSL's standard product range in the US. SepSol Process Solutions bring over a decades worth of experience providing systems and equipment solutions for Powder Bulk Solids Handling Processing, Liquid Filtration, Dust Collection, Packaging, Air Filtration and Turn Key Solutions.

Powder Systems Limited (PSL) is an international manufacturer of filtration, drying and contained powder handling solutions, supporting pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries since 1989. From small-scale production to full process systems PSL's isolation products provide containment to nanogram levels for handling highly potent APIs.

Visit us at InformEx 2014, booth 1219, to discover PSL’s extensive range of advanced process and containment solutions.

About PSL:

PSL is an international manufacturer of filtration, drying and high containment solutions from small-scale production to full process systems for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries since 1989. PSL provides advanced process solutions for the production of APIs including sterile, cytotoxic, oncology, hormones and many other active compounds.

Our products enable major blue-chip companies including leading global pharmaceutical organizations such as Cipla, GSK and Dishman Carbogen Amcis to bring new generation drugs into the market place faster, using the latest technology in containment and production equipment.

PSL continues to increase its number of global offices, agents and distributors to aid the smooth distribution of its equipment to any part of the world.

PSL provides a full service that includes: OEL/ Containment Performance Testing, installation, operator training, aftercare, reliable spare parts and emergency call out to anywhere in the world.

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Separation Solutions | SepSol Process Solutions

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Powder Systems Limited (PSL)

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