L.H. Dottie Signs New Rep Group: Kelly & Noviello Associates, Inc.

L.H. Dottie Company has appointed Kelly & Noviello Associates, Inc. to represent them in Southern New York, Long Island and Northern New Jersey. Kelly & Noviello Associates, Inc. has been providing its manufacturers with a continually growing share of the New York / New Jersey Electrical Distributor/Contractor Market since 1969.

Headed by Tom Kelly and Frank Noviello, Kelly & Noviello Associates, Inc has recently earned recognition in the industry. Receiving accolades such as; "Top Sales Producer in the USA", "Best in Class Award", and "Sales Rep of the Year" from manufacturers they represent.

L.H. Dottie offers a wide variety of high quality fasteners, anchors, fittings, chemicals and specialty tools to Electrical Distributors along with Service Levels that both companies are famous for.

About L.H. Dottie:

L.H. Dottie is a manufacturer of quality products for the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Security and Industrial trades for over 45 years. Today, Dottie continues to provide a broad array of guaranteed quality products, making it the ultimate one-stop source for the distributor. For more information please visit our website lhdottie.com

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