L H. Dottie Promotes Doug Moore to Vice President of Sales

The L.H. Dottie Company, forty six year old manufacturer of quality products used in the Electrical, Plumbing, and Industrial trades has promoted Douglas B. Moore to the newly created position of Vice President of Sales.

In a surprise announcement at L.H. Dottie's 2011 Annual National Sales Meeting, Lane Satnick CEO praised Mr. Moore's 11 year contribution to the company as National Sales Manager and announced the creation of the new position to be filled by Mr. Moore.

Doug Moore joined L.H. Dottie in 2000 and brought with him a successful history of sales and sales management.

Mr. Moore is responsible for all L. H. Dottie's sales efforts, both domestically and internationally.

About L.H. Dottie:

Commerce, CA.-based L.H. Dottie Company has manufactured quality products for the Electrical, Plumbing, and Industrial trades since 1965. Today, Dottie continues to provide what the professional expects, a broad array of guaranteed, quality products; making it the ultimate one-stop source for the Electrical, Plumbing and Industrial products distributor.

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