L.H. Dottie Introduces 'Green Star' Value-Added Specials

L.H. Dottie Company introduces their 'Green Star' Value-Added Specials with this month's Cable Tie/Sharpie Holster Promotion. Through July 31st, Cable Tie-Packs will receive a deep discount and will also include a free Sharpie® Holster in every box. Cable ties are commonly used for bundling and organizing wires and cables. Dottie's Cable Tie-Packs come with 400 assorted sizes of cable ties, to suit a variety of uses.

Dottie's 'Green Star' Value-Added Specials offer incentives to help move products in this tough economic climate which is good news for Dottie authorized distributors as well as professional electricians and plumbers who will both get to reap the benefits.

Consumers of Dottie products should be on the look out for future 'Green Star' specials, which will continue to guarantee the best value for their 'green'.

About L.H. Dottie:

L.H. Dottie is a manufacturer of quality products for the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Security and Industrial trades for over 40 years. Today, Dottie continues to provide a broad array of guaranteed quality products, making it the ultimate one-stop source for the distributor. For more information please visit our website lhdottie.com

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