Kurt Manufacturing's Die Casting Facility Implements New Lean Initiatives -- Improves Time-To-Market by 30 Percent, Reduces Key Customer Costs 30 Percent, and Results in Major Overall Productivity Improvements

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Kurt Manufacturing Company's Die Cast Facility announced that its Lean Initiatives have resulted in major cost savings which have been passed on to customers totaling over $1.2 million.

"The Lean Program includes newly automated processes, concurrent engineering with our customers, and adding new die casting equipment," reports Bernard Soya, Kurt Die Casting Division Manager. "We have improved quality and time-to-market while reducing product costs."

Using Global Best Practices as its standards, Kurt has ensured that tool investment economies are achievable without sacrificing strict die construction quality requirements. Kurt provides both in-house and offshore mold-making, citing offshore sourcing produced up to 35 percent cost savings and up to 30 percent improved time-to-market for specific customers.

"Within our Lean Initiatives, we utilized a Kanban (JIT) production system which provides a faster, easier and more cost effective way to complete the production process," reports Mr. Soya. "We implemented a work cell flow process for a leading agricultural manufacturer resulting in a 30 percent cost reduction on that die casting project."

Mr. Soya also reported significant inventory reductions through its Lean Program. "We have been using internal Kanbans to control the work as it goes to the floor for secondary operations," Mr. Soya reported. "The system is very visual allowing all departments to manage inventory and to see what needs to be produced. This has resulted in a 50 percent reduction in set-up time on many jobs while increasing inventory turns up to 200 percent."

Kurt is a fully integrated ISO 9001: 2000 certified contract manufacturer of die cast parts and assemblies. Its 90,000 square foot facility houses 20 fully automated cold chamber die casting machines, trim tools, finishing services and in-house precision machining and assembly operations.

To visit the Kurt Manufacturing Die Cast facility or inquire for more information, call 1-800-458-7855 or 1-763-572-1500.

For immediate information, visit www.kurt.com Email: erinw@kurt.com

Or write to Kurt Manufacturing Company, Die Casting Division, 7585 Highway 65 Street
NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432.

Kurt Manufacturing Company
Die Casting Division
7585 Highway 65 Street NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432
1-800-458-7855 or 1-763-572-1500
Website: www.kurt.com
Email: erinw@kurt.com

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