KSB Solves Wastewater Mixer Installation Pains with AmaRoc® Base

KSB's NoriRoc® composite makes the unique AmaRoc design strong, light and easy to install.

HENRICO, Va. - KSB, the world's most experienced supplier of wastewater mixers, announces it has sold more than 600 Amaprop mixers with its new AmaRoc base since the release of the groundbreaking base design in 2010. Wastewater processing plants have enthusiastically embraced the cutting-edge base for its unique design properties, exceptional wear life, and ease of installation.

Installation simplified

The AmaRoc mixer base represents a leap forward in wastewater treatment technology. Previous designs were made of steel or concrete and were either a tripod or four-legged structure. The new base is a single unit cast of NoriRoc, KSB's proprietary polymeric composite material. KSB developed the material in partnership with the German university community, accessing the most advanced techniques to create a truly unique material.

The most exceptional property of the NoriRoc material is its light weight. A typical concrete base can weigh up to 2,700 pounds. In contrast, the same size NoriRoc base weighs only 900 pounds while providing five times the strength of concrete.

In addition, the design incorporates an eyebolt that allows for perfect balancing of the base on a lifting jig. As a result, a single operator can position the base during installation.

KSB further simplifies mixer installation for wastewater plants with prepared inserts and fastening points that make positioning the mixer fast and simple. Guide rails of up to 30 feet are available without the need for an upper support bracket, and an optional wet installation is possible, minimizing the amount of downtime required for equipment retrofits or upgrades.

Robust and resistant

The NoriRoc material gives the AmaRoc base exceptional resistance to corrosion and abrasion in wastewater environments.

NoriRoc also absorbs vibration eight to 10 times better than steel, ensuring a smoother, quieter and more efficient operation. Less vibration also means reduced stress on the mixer, delivering a long operating life for both the mixer and the base.

One AmaRoc base design will support all of KSB's 160 different Amaprop mixer models. KSB can accommodate custom height requirements, allowing any plant to quickly implement this simple mixer solution.

KSB's versatile, robust and innovative AmaRoc base makes life easier for wastewater management professionals.

About KSB in USA

KSB began operations in the U.S. and Canadian markets in 1974 and has specialized in highly engineered pump products for industrial and utility power plant services, environmental applications, and water and wastewater processing. KSB's 130 years of experience in centrifugal pump development and design ensure that KSB products incorporate quality features that provide efficient performance and the highest level of safety. KSB, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified. See www.ksbusa.com for more information.

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