Kryon Full-Cycle Automation Streamlines Processes for CP All, Thailand's Sole Operator of 7-Eleven Convenience Stores

Kryon RPA solution improves and automates CP All's Accounts Payable and HR business processes

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kryon®, the leading full-cycle automation solution provider with a customer-centric approach to robotic process automation (RPA) and process discovery, is delivering intelligent automation for CP All, the sole operator of Thailand's 7-Eleven with more than 12,000 convenience stores. Prior to working with Kryon, CP All's staff spent a lot of time to manage complex, error-prone manual processes instead of focusing on more strategic and high-value tasks. With dedicated integration support from Gosoft, a Kryon partner, CP All implemented Kryon Full-Cycle Automation to discover and automate processes across seven different departments.

Leveraging Kryon Process Discovery™, the market-leading automated discovery tool built into Full-Cycle Automation, CP All quickly identified that there were more than 200 processes ripe for automation. While unattended bots are already deployed in the accounting and HR departments, as well as in the distribution center, in the near future CP All also plans to add attended bots and Hybrid automation to help 7-Eleven retail employees provide a better customer experience in-store.

"Full-Cycle Automation is the exact technology our organization required to solve problems with our business processes. Through the partnership with Gosoft and Kryon, we discovered which back-office processes had the biggest drag on productivity, and then implemented the right level of automation to improve upon the 'old ways' of doing things," explained Phairach Watcharatangtrirong, Assistant Vice President of Accounting Retail for CP All. "Because of the speed at which we were able to discover and automate these processes, we are already seeing immediate benefits from RPA. So far, we have already automated several internal processes, and our goal is to scale up and deploy an additional 10 bots by the end of the year."

In an example of one automation deployment, the process of invoicing vendor partners in CP All's Accounting department involved manually searching, collecting, and inputting data from multiple systems on a daily basis. Since CP All works with more than 3,000 suppliers, handling these invoices manually took four to five hours each day from all six department employees.

Today, a bot runs behind-the-scenes each day, extracting data from the company's SAP system and consolidating the payment information into a single Excel file. It takes less than one hour per day to complete, and the number of employees needed to handle the task reduced from six workers to three.

"Implementing RPA in an enterprise like CP All is about much more than just boosting productivity or solving an operational challenge. It's about taking the 'robotics' out of the jobs of humans," noted Matan Trogan, Vice President of Sales, APAC at Kryon. "Kryon Full-Cycle Automation made an immediate impact on efficiency, but also on the happiness of the workers who had been giving up half their workdays to tedious, repetitive tasks. As a result, CP All reports a higher job satisfaction rating from its employees."

About CP All
CP All Public Company Limited was established in 1988 by the Charoen Pokphand Group to operate convenience store businesses in Thailand under the 7-Eleven trademark. The company was granted a license to use the trademark by 7-Eleven, Inc., USA.

About Gosoft
Gosoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CP ALL PCL. It is a leading information technology system consulting and development firm in Thailand. Their product ranges from data centers, in-house development of proprietary business software applications and implementation, and to networking products for supporting our clients' operations.

About Kryon
Kryon ® is a leader in enterprise automation, offering the only platform on the market which encompasses both Process Discovery technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The Kryon Full-Cycle Automation™ solution maximizes ROI by 352% according to Forrester Research and cuts RPA implementation time by up to 80 percent. Powered by proprietary AI technology, Kryon Process Discovery™ automatically generates a comprehensive picture of business processes, evaluates them, and recommends which ones to automate. Kryon offers desktop-based attended RPA, virtual-machine-based unattended RPA, or a hybrid combination of both. The company's award-winning suite is used by enterprises worldwide, including AIG, Allianz, Deutsche Telekom, EY, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, HP, Kasikorn Bank (KBANK), Verizon, and Wyndham Hotel Group.

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