Koch Membrane Systems Announces Upgrade Of Ropro® Software to Version 8.0

WILMINGTON, Mass. - Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane filtration systems, announces that its ROPRO® software has been updated to version 8.0. This new version of the popular reverse osmosis system design tool can now be easily downloaded directly from the KMS web site.

The ROPRO software program is a sophisticated tool for predicting the performance of spiral wound RO membrane elements manufactured by KMS. It allows customers to predict the effect of various system process design choices including: single pass, single pass with recycle, two pass with or without interstage pumping, and two stage concentrator. Version 8.0 features an up-to-date performance database of all available RO products including the new high surface area, high rejection seawater element and the MegaMagnum® large diameter spiral elements. At 3,000 plus square feet of active membrane area, MegaMagnum elements are the world's largest commercially available spiral wound elements. Additionally, a number of other improvements have been made to the calculation engine of the ROPRO software to provide more accurate and consistent projections of membrane system performance.

ROPRO version 8.0 software accommodates modifications of the following variables within an array: element type and age by bank, manifold pressure loss and permeate back pressure by bank, and incorporation of interbank boost pumps by bank. It calculates approximate pumping power requirements for feed and interbank pumps and provides permeate degassification, pre- and post-treatment chemical addition, and multiple feed, bypass, and product stream blending. The KMS web site contains additional information regarding these software tools that should be reviewed before downloading.

KMS also offers COSTPRO(TM) software version 2.0, a cost analysis program that can be used in conjunction with the ROPRO program, or as a stand alone application. Allowing for direct and easy comparison of the costs and financial characteristics of different membrane configurations, information from any design developed with ROPRO software can be automatically imported into the program for direct analysis or modification. The COSTPRO program allows users to estimate costs in the following areas: capital equipment, membrane replacement, energy usage, chemical treatment and cleaning, labor, overhead and maintenance. Other calculations include amortization information and NPV analysis. All files, with the exception of the RO element model file, can be directly edited by the user.

About Koch Membrane Systems
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. has been a global leader in separation and filtration products for more than 35 years. A designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art membrane cartridges and elements, as well as standard and custom-engineered systems, Koch Membrane Systems products are specified for the most demanding applications. To enhance membrane performance, Koch Membrane Systems offers a line of antiscalants and cleaning chemicals, and provides a wide range of maintenance and technical service programs. The company has supplied membranes for more than 15,000 systems in use around the world, serving the food processing, life sciences and general manufacturing industries, and providing potable water and wastewater treatment technologies for communities of all sizes.

Based in Wilmington, Mass., Koch Membrane Systems is a Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC company. For more information on Koch Membrane Systems and its full line of membranes and accessory products, visit www.kochmembrane.com, call 1-888-677-5624 or write to info@kochmembrane.com.

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