KMT Waterjet Launches New Website

KMT Waterjet Systems, a global leading manufacturer of ultrahigh pressure waterjet pumps, cutting nozzles, abrasive transfer units and aftermarket KMT Genuine Parts, is excited to announce the launch of, our newly designed website.

The new KMT website homepage features numerous colorful “concept to completion” Banners displaying a variety of waterjet cutting solutions ranging from cutting titanium, aluminum, cakes, stone, stainless steel, textiles, composites and much more. There are numerous pages referencing KMT products, including the Streamline PRO2 90,000psi 125hp pump (displayed at IMTS and Fabtech) capable of cutting with multiple nozzles for maximum performance and maximum productivity.

The new KMT Waterjet website is divided into five main sections with dropdown submenus: Waterjet Solutions, KMT Products, What are You Cutting, Sales, Service, and Technical Support, and Video/Photo/PDF Downloads.

There are also quick links for KMT Genuine Parts, Complete Waterjet Systems, Weekly Waterjet Blog Series and the exclusive KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator comparing cut speeds with finishing edges from 60,000psi to 90,000psi.

The Complete Waterjet Systems section is a comprehensive list featuring the KMT Waterjet Americas OEM Network offering complete waterjet machines including entry level systems, 2-Axis to 6-Axis, Taper Control, Bevel Heads, Robotic systems, combination waterjet/plasma, produce, bakery, meat, and chicken food conveyors with multiple heads, sheet cake cutter, tire recycling, castings, combination waterjet/SawJet, and many more complete system applications to choose from.

There is also the KMT Weekly Waterjet Blog, published every Wednesday, which is written by Dr. David Summers, Professor Curator from the University of Missouri Science and Technology. Dr. Summers has over 45 years of experience in Waterjetting technology and will cover a variety of waterjet and surface preparation topics.

The new KMT website also has links to the KMT Social Media websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, KMT Waterjet YouTube Channel and

There are over 60 KMT waterjet related videos to view including customer testimonials and KMT technical service video demonstrations. There are a variety of Request for Quote Forms, as well as a link to the KMT Waterjet Genuine Parts eCommerce ( website for 24/7 ordering of KMT Waterjet parts.

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