KMT Robotic Solutions Launches New Website

KMT Robotic Solutions, the robotics business area of the KMT Group AB, announced today the unveiling of its new web site within the Group website:

KMT Robotic Solutions designed the new site to help visitors learn about robotic waterjet, router, laser and knife trimming, cleaning, dispensing, arc welding and material handling processes, as well as to give them information on which process might best suit their needs. Visitors can look up KMT systems by material to be processed, process to be executed or system name. They can also book training classes, order spare parts, and learn about KMT's many support and aftermarket services.

''The new site reflects our new identity, our industry leading variety of products and services, and our mission to help customers improve quality, productivity and profitability,'' said Roberta Zald, KMT Robotic Solutions director of marketing. ''What sets us apart from other integrators is our global presence and our legendary dedication to making our customers successful long term.''

KMT Robotic Solutions was formed in late 2006 when the KMT Group AB acquired Robotic Production Technology located in Auburn Hills, MI USA, and combined it with its KMT Cutting Systems division located in Ronneby, Sweden and Shanghai, China. These two market leading robotic trimming companies with over 30 years of experience, combined to form KMT Robotic Solutions - the new worldwide leader in robotic trimming.

KMT Robotic Solutions. Creating value through automation.

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