Keystone Lubricants Brand Changes To The Total Brand

Linden, NJ, (October 19, 2006): The Keystone® brand of lubricants will now be known as TOTAL® lubricants. Keystone lubricants have been marketed by TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. for many years. The Keystone brand is over 120-years old and is known as a pioneer in the development of high quality food industry, maintenance, marine, automotive, and other types of lubricants.

A company spokesperson explained that the change will expedite the global distribution of products by enabling TOTAL's various lubricant divisions to market under a common brand that is recognized worldwide.

New product labels and container colors will reflect the TOTAL brand identity after a transition period when both names will be employed. Keystone's well known Nevastane® brand of food industry lubricants will continue under that name, though under the TOTAL corporate identification. For a conversion chart displaying old names along with new names, log onto A video detailing the changes is also available for viewing at that site.

The firm has maintained an extensive network of U.S. distributors. While their distributor and pricing policies will remain unchanged, the company anticipates important technological and marketing gains stemming from TOTAL's global reach and advanced research capabilities. It's also expected that this firm will expand into new markets and applications for its lubricants.

Included in the TOTAL Lubricants product line are industrial, food industry, air compressor, metal working, maintenance, glass industry and other more specialized formulas. Spray lubricants include those in SafeGard ® cans which operate using no propellant gases.

TOTAL SA is one of the largest petroleum products companies in the world. The company has pioneered many lubricant firsts and is a major producer of industrial, food industry, air compressor, metal working, maintenance and specialty lubricants, including SafeGard® spray lubricants, for every type of application. TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. manufacturing facilities in Linden NJ, Rockingham, NC and Knoxville, TN are ISO 9000:2001 certified.

The firm is a member of The Food Processing Machinery & Supplies Association and of other groups related to metalworking and food processing industries. TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. headquarters is located at 5 North Stiles St., Linden, NJ 07063.

For more information, contact Gary Frizzell, TOTAL Lubricants, USA,
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