KEYENCE Clamp-On Flow Sensor Receives Innovation Award

KEYENCE´s FD-Q Clamp-On Flow Sensor has been recognized by New Equipment Digest as the 2016 Innovation Award winner. The success of the FD-Q can be directly attributed to its impact on American Manufacturing.The FD-Q, released in the summer of 2015, introduced ground-breaking technology for liquid flow monitoring in the factory automation industry. As opposed to conventional models that require pipe modifications, this sensor clamps directly to the outside of any pipe, and monitors any liquid flow without intrusion.

What sets the FD-Q apart?

The FD-Q is easily installed with a Phillips screwdriver. Since no pipe modification is necessary, it can be installed without downtime, extra costs, or added risk. The unit can reliably sense the flow of liquid through metal or resin pipes ranging from ¼ to 2. Lines previously considered too costly or difficult to monitor are a perfect fit for this innovative solution.

This sensor can detect virtually any type of liquid, including: water, deionized water, oils, chemicals, and more. Limitations of traditional liquid flow sensors do not apply to the FD-Q because the unit does not directly contact the liquid. Concerns of contacting corrosive liquids or contaminating a product are a thing of the past.

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