Kerns Trucking Improves Operations with Technology

Rand McNally TND™ 760 devices provide more control over operations and reduce driver distraction

SKOKIE, Ill. - With constant news and focus on the impact of automation in the commercial transportation industry, a North Carolina trucking company is a stellar example of experiencing the upside of technology. In fact, Kerns Trucking Inc., out of Kings Mountain, N.C., has used technology products to grow and diversify through three generations of family management.

Kerns Trucking provides a variety of logistics, dump, and straight truck services to its customers across the country. Most recently, the company adopted in-cab mobile fleet management devices from Rand McNally. Just a few months after installing the Rand McNally TND™ 760 in cabs, Kerns Trucking executives say their fleet is experiencing significant operational improvements.

The in-cab devices in concert with the back-end Rand McNally Connect web portal, have helped Kerns Trucking increase dispatch efficiency and Hours of Service logging accuracy, while decreasing time spent communicating with drivers via cell phone.

"Technology investments have helped sustain us over our 81 years in business. Our results with the TND™ 760 have provided noticeable improvements in dispatch, enabling selection of loads based on Hours of Service left for each driver," said Doug Prestwood, Vice President of Kerns Trucking. "I've heard that many companies have held off on technology implementation due to cost. In our experience, you just can't afford not to invest!"

Kerns Trucking evaluated three systems before selecting Rand McNally. Company executives tested systems with a focus on implementing Hours of Service E-Logs, e-mail communication with drivers, and truck navigation. The TND™ 760's simple installation and easy-to-use driver interface have helped Kerns Trucking quickly implement the TND™ 760 devices and begin delivering the sought-after results.

Prestwood shared several specific examples of benefits he's seen in using the TND™ 760 - for both drivers and the company. Mistakes in routing are avoided due to robust checks and balances in the TND™ 760.  Prestwood cited a real example in which a driver accepted a load to Nashville, and drove to Nashville, Tenn.  On arrival, he attempted to find the delivery address. After hours of unsuccessful searching, he contacted dispatch.  The correct destination was Nashville, N.C. That was an expensive delivery with 496 out-of-route miles and an unhappy customer waiting for a delayed shipment.  The TND™ 760 would have identified that the address did not exist in Nashville, Tenn., prompting a correction before the driver got underway.

"Run a few of those scenarios and tell me if the investment isn't worth it!" Prestwood said.

With the TND™ 760, dispatch provides the specific location for upcoming deliveries, and based on the number of hours left on a drivers' automated HOS logging, even assign the next two loads with a click of a button. Once the drop-off location is delivered to the in the in-cab unit, the GPS takes over and supplies the appropriate truck-specific directions to each destination.

For Kerns Trucking the TND™ 760 also has cut down on the time spent communicating via cell phone with drivers. Not only is this a time saver, but helps address distracted driving concerns. Kerns Trucking discourages the use of cell phones, texting, and e-mail response when the vehicle is in motion. The TND™ 760 provides text-to-speech messages to the driver when the truck is in motion.

Finally, Kerns Trucking appreciated the commitment Rand McNally has made in developing its technology. "It was clear to us that Rand McNally is intent on continually improving its product and committed to ease of use for our company and drivers. Who knows what will be required two years from now? Rand McNally has the resources and the cutting edge technology to be ready," said Prestwood.

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