Kennametal's KSOM Mini Features New Geometry for High-Performance Milling of Multiple Materials

(LATROBE, PA) - Kennametal's new KSOM Mini face-milling platform comes as close as possible to a "one size fits all" metalworking solution due to high-quality, direct-pressed carbide inserts together with a new positive geometry that significantly boosts performance in roughing aluminum, cast iron, stainless steels, or high-temperature alloys.

KSOM Mini saves time and money for anyone roughing and milling multiple materials, such as gray cast iron and steels in automotive, or stainless steels and aluminum in general engineering. "A high-performance versatile system like this means quicker setups and less tools required in machine-tool magazines," says product manager Nick Gaten. "Fewer tool changes translate into quicker turnaround time, reduced inventories."

With selected carbide grades and edge preparations for numerous applications, the KSOM Mini platform comprises a comprehensive range of cutters and inserts with a 25-degree clearance angle and eight cutting edges on the inserts. Applicable functions include face milling, ramping, helical ramping from solid, slotting, and plunging.

"The positive geometry means lower cutting forces and higher feeds," Gaten adds. Axial depth of cut is 3.50 mm (0.140 in.) using all eight edges, and temporary axial depth of cut can be up to 9.0 mm (0.354 in.) using four edges.

In a customer application roughing gray cast iron brake components, the KSOM Mini platform's tool life reached 200 pieces versus 120 pieces with competitive tooling under the same parameters. "Improved performance and more parts per insert equate to lower costs," Gaten says.

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