KCI Unveils CONTROL Version 8.7

Latest Version Sets New Industry Standard for Flexibility, Capacity and Performance

TORRANCE, Calif., July 18-- KCI Computing, Inc. today announced the availability of CONTROL version 8.7, the newest release of its powerful, cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution. The newest version builds upon the success of past releases and KCI's overarching strategy to deliver high-performance, enterprise caliber functionality that is flexible, simple to use, and easy to both manage and deploy.

CONTROL provides a one-stop solution offering the real-time business insight needed to plan, assess and drive corporate performance by leveraging relational technology to unite critical financial and operational data. Version 8.7 extends KCI's tradition of delivering leading edge flexibility and tight Excel integration. It offers simplified administration, greater capacity and faster performance.

"We listen closely to our customers and take action based upon what we learn. With each release we take functionality, performance, and scalability to new heights and expand the value to organizations of all sizes," said Max Kay, CEO of KCI Computing. "CONTROL version 8.7 supports complex, terabyte volume planning applications while fully addressing the needs of a broad user constituency with varying degrees of sophistication. In addition to its unrivaled enterprise usability, CONTROL version 8.7 integrates additional Excel features such as grouping, outlining, and automatic re-calculation, taking further advantage of end user know how."

Key enhancements include:

Hidden, Shared, Private, and Owned Objects
o CONTROL version 8.7 enhances the product's already powerful
administrative framework and enables individuals or groups to create
special purpose reports, books, forms and models while maintaining
centralized management. This new feature allows a data analyst, for
example, to leverage information already housed in CONTROL, create an ad
hoc margin analysis and share it with a business or product manager or
just about any other imaginable user. Alternatively, the data analyst
can choose to keep it to him or herself.

Sheet Refinements
o CONTROL version 8.7 makes it easier for even the casual user to
customize an application's navigation interface. For example, in
version 8.7, users can add a "form" to a sheet and use Excel's visual
design capabilities to move the user controls and specify their graphic
properties. Additionally, users can make sheets more user-responsive
with buttons that, for instance, open a book or a view, navigate to a
particular report or entry form, run a transform or a mapping, or
navigate to a home menu.

Remote Asynchronous Job Module
o For the first time, CONTROL allows tasks such as running a script to be
off-loaded to a remote application server for either immediate or
deferred scheduled processing. It frees the administrator or end user
workstation, providing increased efficiencies and optimizing

View Snapshots
o Users can now freeze a picture of rendered data and eliminate the
computational overhead on future retrievals. It is a particularly
relevant feature for those who often refer to relatively static data.
In addition, View Snapshots provides the "as of a particular point in
time" visibility that is critical for auditability and accountability.

"KCI consistently combines its strong understanding of the marketplace with valuable customer feedback to provide a solution that is not only powerful but practical," said Stanley Elbaum, vice president, Aberdeen. "This newest version of CONTROL is impressive particularly for its ability to address the unique needs of individuals within an organization while leveraging a centralized, secure metadata and data repository. Using CONTROL version 8.7, organizations large and small will be able to receive the real-time insight needed to meet their unique planning, budgeting and forecasting objectives."

About KCI Computing

Building on more than 25 years of domain expertise, KCI provides a powerful, cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution that offers organizations of all sizes the real-time insight needed to plan, assess and drive corporate performance. KCI's hallmark product, CONTROL, leverages relational technology to unite critical financial and operational data to deliver the cohesive and transparent view necessary to align strategy and action. CONTROL is built on the concept of "ONE": one closed loop software, one user interface, one point of maintenance, one centralized repository, and one version of the "truth" across the enterprise. Headquartered in Torrance, California, KCI has a diverse customer base that includes industry-leading companies in a variety of markets. For more information, please visit www.kcicorp.com.

Source: KCI Computing, Inc.

CONTACT: Rose Maciejewski, +1-310-882-4002, maciejewskir@ruderfinn.com, or Jeff Seedman, +1-310-882-4009, seedmanj@ruderfinn.com, both of Ruder Finn Public Relations, for KCI Computing, Inc.

Web site: www.kcicorp.com/

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