KAPP NILES Demonstrates Mass Production Gear Grinding Solution, and Unveils a New Metrology Machine at the IMTS

Featured at the KAPP NILES booth are the KX 100 DYNAMIC, which turns convention on its head with the first ever “pick-up” work spindle, and the exciting presentation of measuring solutions by Penta Gear Metrology.

BOULDER, Colo., (JUNE 14, 2016) - Kapp Niles will feature three machines in booth N-7036 at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) September 12 – 17 in Chicago, Illinois.

The KX 100 Dynamic gear center is uniquely designed for mass production of external planetary gears up to 125 mm. Its independent twin “pick-up” work spindles provide much more than optimum productivity. Tooling setup time is drastically reduced, work arbor change and verification is automated, and grinding worm change is semi-automated. The KX100 will be exhibited as a turn-key solution with “basket stacker” automation and tooling. An integrated pallet conveyor (pictured) offers a popular and robust solution for considerable space and cost savings. “The KX 100 machine is already being used in the automotive market with great success,” said Bill Miller, Vice President of Sales at KAPP Technologies, “and we are excited to show this machine at the show.”

Kapp Niles’ ZE 800 Gear Profile Grinding Machine will be on display to highlight its capability of internal grinding and measuring of high helix internal gears up to 40 degrees. The ZE 800 (and ZE 400) are known for compact, ergonomic, and productive solutions for a range of profile grinding applications up to 25 module (1 NDP). Software and HMI are intuitive, making setup fun and reliable.

Kapp Niles will also unveil the new PGM400 measuring machine from Penta Gear Metrology. The PGM400 extends Penta Gear’s smaller ND165 and ND300 machines. Speed and precision are outstanding on the PGM400. Windows software has been developed for easy setup and analysis.

A wide array of KAPP non-dressable CBN tools for profile grinding, DIA dressers for threaded wheels, superfinishing tools and DDG for honing will also be on display.

Kapp Niles continues to lead with the expansion of manufacturing solutions that streamline entire processes with intuitive, automated and integrated systems. This is complemented by the measuring machines from Penta Gear Metrology, and the larger custom measuring machines from RP Metrology, which offer the high quality and precision Kapp Niles is known for.

About the KAPP Group

Kapp Niles is a global market leader in manufacturing machines and tools for finishing of gears and profiles. Kapp Niles is the technology partner for companies from the automotive, aviation and compressor industries, drive engineering, energy and wind power, mining and marine industries. Kapp Niles provides turn-key solutions which include machines, diamond dressers, CBN-plated wheels and dressable ceramic tools. “Made in Germany” quality is present in all Kapp Niles locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Kapp Niles solutions are optimized to meet customer requirements, and support is provided throughout a machine‘s life-cycle. Continued research and development, advanced design and manufacturing, and outstanding customer support, make Kapp Niles a global leader in complex manufacturing solutions.


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