Kaman Announces New High-Precision Electro-Mechanical Build-to-Print Service

MIDDLETOWN, CT -Kaman Measuring System's high-precision, electro-mechanical contract manufacturing segment is a new offering from the company. Drawing from Kaman Aerospace's extensive past history of successful contract manufacturing, Kaman Measuring System's engineering, production, and management staff have the experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly from first article to end-of-life buy.

Kaman's new capability brings together an elite group of highly-skilled engineers, technicians and support personnel dedicated to providing fully-tested, integrated electro-mechanical assemblies in volumes large or small, with repeatable performance that meets both the design specifications and schedule requirements. Kaman's Build-to-Print (BTP) group offers an experienced, professional team of manufacturing technologists and logistics experts for all phases of the outsourcing process.

Kaman's Middletown, Connecticut facility - 215,000 square feet, 150,000 dedicated to manufacturing, on 36 acres of land with over 200 employees - is certified AS9100 and ISO 9001 and features a Class 100 clean room.

Equipment and facilities include laser interferometer calibration; optics testing and optical assembly calibration; laser, electron beam, and gas-tungsten welding; automatic test equipment; CNC machining; CMM inspection; thermal testing; shock testing; and microscopic inspections.

At complete brochure detailing Kaman's Build-to-Print capability is available at http://kamansensors.com/html/products/products-BTP.htm

After 40 plus years of solving difficult non-contact analytical and industrial sensing applications, Kaman Measuring Systems, an operating unit of Kaman Aerospace, continues to lead the industry in eddy current technology for displacement sensing. Further information regarding Kaman Measuring System's Build-to-Print services is available at 800-552-6267 or at www.kamansensors.com.

Dan Spohn
Kaman Aerospace Corp.
Measuring & Memory Systems

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