JW Winco Design Award

Three standard parts, three design awards – In addition to receiving the iF DESIGN AWARD, JW Winco has also been given the prestigious Red Dot Award for outstanding design.

Industrial design not only makes products more appealing to the eye, it also enhances their value as a whole. Design optimizes ergonomics and functionality, which Winco shows with its GN 126 adjustable flat tension levers and its GN 328 cabinet “U“ handles and GN 428 machine handles.

Thanks to their modern form, these standard elements are ideally suited to the appearance of modern machines and systems. In this way, details such as handles and levers can be implemented with the same high level of design as the machine itself, regardless of the batch size. The option of customizing size or color in a simple yet cost-effective manner further enhances the possibilities for use. Internal recessed grips and exact edge rounding ensure noticeably improved ergonomics.

The fact that Winco and Ganter, together with the design agency Corpus-C from Fürth, are taking the right design path, is underscored by the current awards received from two independent juries: The iF International Forum Design Jury honored the GN 328 and GN 428 cabinet “U” handles and machine handles as well as the GN 126 flat tension levers with an award. The aforementioned cabinet “U” handle and machine handles were also awarded the coveted Red Dot Award by the jurors.

The GN 126 adjustable flat tension levers are characterized by their dynamic shape, produced by zinc die-casting and finished with a plastic coating, ideal wherever pivoting ranges are limited. The integrated serration allows for the position of the handle to be adjusted without having to loosen it. If required, the same GN 126.1 shape is available with stainless steel components.

The GN 328 and GN 428 cabinet “U” handles and machine handles are made of cast aluminum or a bent aluminum profile and are also available with different surface finishes. For applications in particularly corrosive environments, the GN 328.5 cabinet “U” handles are also available in precision cast AISI 316 (A4) stainless steel.

More information can be found at www.jwwinco.com.

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