Joseph Bukowski Joins Aeroflex/MicroMetrics

October 31 , 2007-Londonderry, NH-Aeroflex/MicroMetrics, a manufacturer of RF/Microwave Diodes and passive Semiconductor Devices for commercial and military communications, is pleased to announce that Joseph G. Bukowski has recently joined its Engineering team in its MicroMetrics Semiconductor Division, in Londonderry, NH, as a Senior Applications Engineer.

Joe brings over 30 years of practical RF and Microwave circuit design experience and knowledge utilizing Silicon and GaAs based semiconductors. His particular area of expertise is based in broadband and high power control circuit designs involving PIN diode switches, attenuators, and limiters. He is the co-author of several technical microwave publications and U.S. product design patents.

Joe has been providing problem-solving applications engineering and new product development solutions to customers worldwide for over 15 years.

Dave Strand

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