Jones & Shipman Shows "Productivity Boosting" Precision Grinding Machines With Benefits Of 'Easy Control' At IMTS08


Jones & Shipman - Holroyd, world leaders in the supply of high quality, precision cylindrical, surface, creepfeed, gear and rotor grinding machine systems, are exhibiting at IMTS08 three market-leading machines plus two full size wheelhead modules; a novel multi-wheel design from Jones & Shipman and a stylised concept dressing unit from Holroyd both from soon to be released new cylindrical and gear grinding machines.

The three market-leading machines are all from the Jones & Shipman product range, a Suprema 650 toolroom, medium production cylindrical grinding machine, a Dominator 624 creepfeed, profile and surface grinding machine and a TechMaster 634 high-precision heavy duty surface grinding machine. The Suprema and Techmaster machines also incorporate Jones & Shipman's feature- packed 'Easy Control', which is simpler to use, quicker to set, yet enables parts to be ground within the same cycle time as a conventional CNC.

The Suprema 650 Easy cylindrical grinding machine incorporates a universal wheelhead, and has a grinding capacity of Ø12" x 25.5" (Ø300mm x 650mm) between centers. Models are also available in 40" and 60" (1m and 1.5m) table capacities. Whilst this model with its universal wheelhead allows for internal and external grinding, plain straight approach and angle head options are also available; all achieved with very low capital outlay, ensuring fast payback for users.

Jones & Shipman creepfeed and surface grinders will also feature strongly on the booth (B6760) with examples of the well-known, award winning, Dominator creepfeed range and the heavy duty, touchscreen- controlled TechMaster surface grinder range.

Controlled by a GE-Fanuc® CNC, the Dominator 624 delivers major benefits with respect to structural rigidity and machine dynamics; this the result of an innovative design that dispenses with a reciprocating table and a wheelhead column giving the additional benefit of a very compact overall machine footprint.

Designed originally for use in toolrooms and mold making facilities, the Techmaster range has now also achieved considerable success in the aerospace and medical industries due to its combined quick set-up, fast metal removal rates and high precision. This heavy-duty 634 model offers a 24" x 12" (600mm x 300mm) grinding capacity, with a vertical capacity of 15.75" (400mmm) under the grinding wheel. The machine provides affordable and sophisticated surface grinding with simple set-ups, is highly accurate, very stiff and has a high metal removal rate. Other surface grinders are available up to 47" x 24" (1200 x 600mm) capacity

The 'Easy Control', as used on the J & S Techmaster and Suprema machines, offers the key advantage of bringing traditional manual machinists into the world of CNC technology, without any additional programming knowledge. In addition, the control can make complex and precise grinding operations far easier to execute than has previously been possible.

Built around a GE-Fanuc® touchscreen, the 'Easy Control software suite' from Jones & Shipman removes the requirement for operators to input code, instead providing highly flexible graphical, menu- driven programming. This allows the 'Easy Control' to provide faster turn-around and quicker set-up's than conventional CNCs, whilst retaining all their functionality. Featuring 0.00005" (10th-micron) programming, standard cycles and even thread and contour grinding, the 'Easy Control' is available as an option in place of a conventional CNC on all current Jones & Shipman grinding machine ranges.

Future developments within the Jones & Shipman - Holroyd group will take pride of place in the booth with two full size displays; one showing a concept for the grinding/dressing area in a proposed new model within the Holroyd range of 'Next Generation' gear and thread grinding machines targeted at high end aerospace, performance car and master gear industries. Whilst Jones & Shipman will be showing a totally new modular wheelhead system which will be the main feature of the soon to be launched Ultramat Mk II range of advanced high precision production cylindrical grinding machines targeted for high end aerospace performance car and precision mold, tool and die industries.

The Holroyd dressing/grinding concept from its high precision gear and thread grinding machines will feature a twin diamond disc dressing unit with full 2 axis control, a 20" x 4" (500 x 107mm) grinding wheel and a component capacity of 14" x 60" (350 x 1500mm). These will also be showing a formed wheel and corresponding precision gear component.

The totally new modular wheelhead design from Jones & Shipman will in this instance feature twin back-to-back grinding wheels each with a capacity up to 20" x 4" (500 x 100mm), plus an internal grinding spindle. Due to its unique modular design the back-to-back option is just one of many new multiple external/internal wheel configurations available to the customer which will make possible ever more complex component machining. This wheelhead which will be fully operational will also be shown rotating in this instance utilising a Hurth® coupling, one of the many features available with this new design.

About Jones & Shipman and the Precision Technologies Group

Jones & Shipman, is part of the Precision Technologies Group of companies, together with its sister companies Holroyd and Edgetek. The Group is firmly at the forefront of high precision machine tool design, build and supply. Its machines produce ultra precision components in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, medical, mold tool & die, power generation and high end automotive. In addition the Group has developed some of the most sophisticated, bespoke software in the marketplace boasting a simple rapid set and intuitive user interface. This allows customers to operate more efficiently and effectively with faster turnaround between jobs.

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