Join ADwin Real-time Systems at MATLAB EXPO 2021 with CAS at The ADwin/Jaeger Online Booth

CAS DataLoggers is partnering with Jaeger Computergesteuerte Messtecnik to host a virtual exhibit at the MathWorks online MATLAB EXPO 2021, May 4th & 5th.

Jaeger Messtecnik international sales manager Heinz Beimert, along with CAS DataLoggers sales manager Pete Martin and engineering manager Terry Nagy, will be staffing the virtual booth to show you how ADwin systems can be used with MATLAB® and Simulink® for data acquisition and control, execution of complex models in real-time, online tuning of model parameters, and hardware in the loop (HIL) testing. For official show info, visit the official MATLAB EXPO site here.

ADwin data acquisition and control systems provide the perfect compliment to MATLAB® and Simulink®. They allow real-time, intelligent data acquisition of various types of signals – analog, digital, serial, CAN/CAN-FD, SENT, LIN, PROFIBUS/PROFINET – at high speeds for visualization and analysis using MATLAB®. When used with Simulink®, ADwin systems can run large complex models in real-time at high speeds with precise, deterministic timing using the dedicated local processor. A key feature is the fast development time, just seconds to go from model to compiled executable code.

By utilizing the functional block representing the various ADwin analog and digital I/O channels, these models can satisfy applications such as development and tuning of control algorithms, HIL and component testing, machine control, and simulation.

ADwin systems, which are available in models with 8 to over 400 channels, offer a unique architecture that provide real-time, deterministic operation. They offer control loop cycle times in the 100s of kHz to MHz range (ex: 16 PID control loops at 300 kHz) and trigger reaction times as fast as 300 nanoseconds. They accomplish this using a multi-core local processor to execute all of the time critical tasks independent of the PC or workstation. This processor, which runs an optimized realptime multi-tasking operation system, has direct access to all of the measurement hardware to allow very low latency data exchange. Data exchange with the PC or workstation is facilitated via Ethernet using a driver that provides transparent data exchange.

To learn more about ADwin Real-Time Systems, or to inquire about our exhibit at MATLAB EXPO 2021, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at

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