Jet Edge Exhibiting 90,000 PSI Waterjet Technology at EASTEC 2011

Jet Edge X-Stream-Powered Waterjets Cut up to 50% Faster, Reduce Operating Costs up to 40%

ST. MICHAEL, Minn. (March 9, 2011) - Jet Edge, Inc., a leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet systems, will demonstrate its 90,000 psi water jet cutting technology at the EASTEC 2011 Advanced Productivity Exposition, May 17-19 at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, Mass. Look for Jet Edge in booth 1128.

During EASTEC, Jet Edge will showcase several innovative precision waterjet cutting products, including its 90,000 psi (6,200 bar) X-Stream waterjet intensifier pumps and Mid Rail Gantry precision water jet cutting machine. Jet Edge technical experts will be available to answer questions about waterjet cutting applications.

Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet System
Capable of producing complex parts out of virtually any material, the Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry waterjet cutting machine features an exposed tank that easily accommodates overhead loading. It comes standard with one abrasivejet cutting head; a second cutting head can be added to increase productivity. Optional mirroring capabilities make it possible to cut part cycle time in half.

The Mid Rail Gantry is ball-screw driven for higher accuracy. Its sturdy heavy-wall tubular steel construction eliminates vibration and increases longevity. The Mid Rail Gantry utilizes an industrial PC controller and can be configured so that all three axes are fully programmable (Z optional). It also features direct-couple AC brushless digital servo motors and single or double carriages. Critical bearing components are protected with heavy metal covers with brush seals and positive air pressure. The Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry waterjet machine is available in many sizes, including 5'x5', 5'x13', 8'x5', 8'X13', 13'x13', 21'x5', 21'X13' and 24'x13'.

X-Stream Waterjet Intensifier Pumps
Jet Edge will exhibit both models of its X-Stream waterjet intensifier pumps, the 50hp xP90-50 and 100hp xP90-100. Jet Edge's X-Stream intensifier pumps are capable of producing 90,000 psi and support 75,000 psi continuous operating pressure. The X-Stream achieves much faster cutting speeds and drastically lowers operating costs compared to traditional 60,000 psi pumps, enabling users to increase productivity and reduce part costs.

The X-Stream produces 50% more pressure than a 60,000 psi intensifier pump, resulting in a 40-50% increase in productivity for many materials. Compared to a 60,000 psi pump, typical operating pressures of 75,000 psi use 30% less water, 30% less power, and up to 50% less abrasive, resulting in a 40% reduction in operating costs. The xP90-50 is capable of producing flow rates of 0.7 gpm and supports up to a .011" orifice. The xP90-100 is capable of producing flow rates of 1.45gpm and supports up to a .017" orifice. Fittings and tubing are rated for 100KSI. The X-Stream is backed by nearly 10 years of extensive research and development in hyper-pressure technology.

About Jet Edge
Established in 1984, Jet Edge is a global designer and manufacturer of waterjet systems for precision cutting, surface preparation and coating removal. Jet Edge systems are used around the world in a broad range of industries, from the world's leading airlines to automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturers, machine and job shops. Jet Edge waterjet systems are proudly made in the U.S.A. For more information about Jet Edge, visit, e-mail or call 1-800-JET-EDGE (538-3343).

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