ITSENCLOSURES Celebrates 25 Years of Computer Protection

Mt. Pleasant, Pa. (March 16, 2010) - Twenty-five years ago, ITSENCLOSURES began making high quality industrial computer enclosures and made an immediate impact on the computer protection industry. Today, the company has evolved beyond its industrial roots to also enclose today's highly sensitive LCD large format displays for the digital signage industry. ITS is a recognized leader in quality, service, application and affordability in the enclosure market.

"ITS is proud to celebrate this landmark achievement," ITS president JT Spangler said. "We credit our longevity to an unending commitment to our customers and manufacturing the best enclosure products on the market. Our determination to consistently deliver the highest quality service will undoubtedly propel us forward."

Over the past 25 years ITS has expanded its client base to reach not only a national market, but an international market as well. ITSENCLOSURES products such as the icestation, netstation, icebox and viewstation lines have become household names in the enclosure industry.

The company has no plans of resting on its laurels. In fact, ITS recently released a new icestation model. The icestation TITAN upholds its family tradition of avoiding costly downtime, and has the added features of a viewing window suited to accommodate today's wide screen LCD's up to 24", a large removable work surface that can also be used for a control panel and an integrated roll-out keyboard drawer.

"We're always innovating," Mr. Spangler said. "While we are very pleased with how far we have come, we are not satisfied with maintaining the status quo. We plan to be around a long time and continue to develop new designs and products to ensure our customers' electronic displays and computer enclosures are safe in any environment."


Located 36 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Mt. Pleasant, Pa., ITSENCLOSURES is the expert in electronic display and computer protection equipment. ITSENCLOSURES NEMA-rated enclosures are ideal for any and all environments where dust, dirt and exposure to liquids or corrosives threaten the performance of electronic equipment. ITSENCLOSURES products allow companies to safely use any computer or monitor in the harshest operating environments. ITSENCLOSURES also offers a complete line of thermal management solutions. The company has been helping companies protect their technology investments and realize the maximum life cycle of their equipment since its founding in 1985.


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