iSpin(TM) Technology Ushers in New Era of Digital Media Downloading

- Software Offers Unprecedented Transfer Speed, Versatility and Distribution Options -

DALLAS, March 6 / -- Today, Stelix Systems announced the launch of iSpin(TM), an application designed to revolutionize the versatility and commercial lifespan of DVDs and CDs. iSpin(TM) dramatically expands the content and revenue capabilities of conventional discs. Now, for the first time, a retail DVD or CD can instantly recognize, link and transfer digital content to most all portable media players, including Apple Inc.'s iPod, SanDisk Corp.'s Sansa MP3, Sony's PSP and Microsoft Inc.'s Zune, making iSpin(TM) the most universal content-transfer application on the market.

For the consumer, the iSpin(TM)-enabled disc, with its ease-of-use interface, offers a quick and easy transfer of video and audio content in a matter of minutes from the PC to most all attached devices directly from the purchased disc.

"Most importantly, this technology gives content owners a secure and efficient alternative for the digital distribution of media. iSpin(TM) changes the game with respect to how digital content reaches portable devices," said Stelix Systems CEO, Jason Bishop. "Downloading may be the buzz-word, but make no mistake, discs are the gold standard of media consumption -- they are the fastest and most reliable delivery system to transfer or play digital media. iSpin(TM) simply brings the disc up to date with media appetites of the 21st century."

In addition, the iSpin(TM) application transforms the conventional disc into a powerful portal for content and merchandising. Content providers can now create an entire suite of products including digital movies, soundtracks, video games and ringtones, as well as dynamic full motion ads and storefronts for instantaneous on-line purchases.

iSpin(TM)'s unprecedented download time (under 3 minutes for a feature film) provides consumers with the opportunity to transfer the content of their choice without the limitations of today's digital download bottle-neck- transfers in less time without the need for additional software, education or expense. The dynamic ad potential provides merchants an unprecedented opportunity to engage the consumer with on-demand media directly from a disc.

"Today's consumer is looking for an alternative to the lengthy and complicated digital download dilemma. iSpin(TM)'s universality and impartiality offer consumers the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to transfer digital content to almost any existing portable device," said former ABC Broadcast Group President and United Artist Chairman, Anthony Thomopoulos. "It's an exciting new technology that's free for consumers and offers an enormous new marketing portal to content providers and portable device manufacturers."

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