Isotech Partners with AMALCO to Provide Hydroforming and Deep Drawing Metal Forming Services

Isotech Incorporated of Hatfield, PA announced today the company has partnered with AMALCO of Mountainside, NJ to provide clients with access to a first class manufacturing operation providing hydroforming and deep drawing metal forming.

Hatfield, PA - Isotech Inc., a supplier of precision linear motion products, announced today the company, through a partnership with AMALCO of Mountainside, NJ, will be offering hydroforming and deep drawing manufacturing processes to meet component production and prototyping demands of the industrial, commercial, and defense markets.

"We've partnered with a manufacturer who brings 100 years of manufacturing and metal forming experience to our customers," said Joe Casillo, President at Isotech. "AMALCO (American Aluminum Company) offers a first class operation and adheres to strict quality standards."

Located in Mountainside, NJ, AMALCO operates from a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility and can meet exacting Mil specs and standards required for government, aerospace, and military products, including Mil-I-45208. Isotech will utilize AMALCO facilities to carryout manufacturing processes, tool and die design, engineering, and prototyping services.

"As a result the adherence to critical standards that allows fulfillment of defense contract manufacturing, all customers will enjoy the same quality benefits," said Casillo. "Isotech's goal is to offer customers contract metal forming capabilities designed to minimize lead times and reduce costs."

Isotech will focus on providing custom and standard metal enclosures, deep drawn cans, containers, and aluminum transit cases using AMALCO's deep drawing or hydroforming technologies. Secondary, value added process operations include CNC machining, heat treating, heliarc welding, painting, light assembly, spinning, spot welding, dip brazing of aluminum, and anodizing.

Deep drawing and hydroforming is available for most metals including aluminum, stainless steel, hastelloy, inconel, brass, copper, steel, specialty metals. Metal components up to 24 inches in diameter are available with a press capacity of 150 tons.

Hydroforming is a manufacturing process where fluid pressure is applied to a ductile metallic blank to form a desired component shape. This process requires hydroforming tools consisting of a punch made in the shape of the desired part, a ring contoured to fit around the punch, and a pressurized forming chamber sealed by a flexible rubber diaphragm.

Deep Drawing is the process of forming a part from metal sheet stock, commonly referred to as a blank, around a punch as it is drawn through a die. The edges of the metal blank are restrained by a "blank holder" or a sleeve in the case of a redraw.

Both hydroforming and deep drawing manufacturing processes are used in many applications for industries including defense and aerospace, security, medial, communications, HVAC, electrionics, pharmaceutical, process control and pumps, and general industry.

Isotech's metal forming services are available by contacting an Isotech product representative with your application needs. The Isotech staff is experienced in developing solutions for complex industrial applications and can provide design assistance. Call Isotech at 800-314-3332 or visit for more information or to speak with a product specialist for assistance.

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