ISO 14001 Certification

Singapore (6/27/11)- Connor Manufacturing Services (Asia) Pte. Ltd. has been awarded its ISO 14001 certification by UK registered certified AJA. This award illustrates Connor Manufacturing Services' dedication to current and future impacts on the environment.

The ISO 14001 provides the framework necessary for Connor-Singapore to integrate the required ISO 14000 standards while keeping with their own environmental and economic goals. The ISO 14000 environmental standards exist to assist companies to decrease any operations or processes that negatively affect the environment; adhere with laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and continually improve on the aforementioned.

Currently, Connor-Singapore employs several environmentally friendly procedures: 1) utilizing scrap bins for various materials, 2) ensuring that all oil or liquid bins do not leak and if so, provide a collection device so that it does not contaminate the ground or gutters, 3) safeguard for chemical waste by providing properly sealed drums and that they are collected by authorized chemical disposal companies, and 4) continue to encourage staff to practice energy efficient practices like turning off electricity and air conditioners when not in use and using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.

"We continue to show our commitment to sustainability and environmental best practices with attaining this certification," says Managing Director, HC Tan. "Credit goes to the QA and Operations team here for the hard work they put in to achieving this goal."

All of Connor Manufacturing Services' sites make strides every day to be environmentally responsible at every level. The ISO 14001 certification exemplifies Connor's continuous efforts to maintain a high standard of green manufacturing by being energy efficient at all of its sites, the recycling of various materials, and working with authorized chemical disposal companies for its hazardous waste.

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