iPad/PLC Control of MPE's Granulizers

(Chicago, IL) Modern Process Equipment (MPE) now offers portable, wireless control of their grinding equipment utilizing the Apple iPad. This configuration allows the grinder's operator to be mobile and/or remote - walking around and away from the grinder and throughout the plant - with full touchscreen access to the granulizer for monitoring and control. Additionally, the iPad allows access to all MPE operating manuals, supplier component manuals, drawings, embedded training videos and web access "at your fingertips".

About MPE

Modern Process Equipment Corp. (MPE) is the world's leading manufacturer of coffee grinding equipment. MPE has been supplying its customers with superior coffee processing solutions for over forty years, earning the reputation as the place to go to maximize coffee quality through superior grinding. MPE aspires to design and manufacture the most modern, innovative and highest quality equipment with the most responsive, practical and timely service possible. For more information about MPE's complete line of equipment, contact Modern Process Equipment, Inc. 3125 South Kolin Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623; call 773-254-3929; visit www.mpechicago.com.

iPad/PLC Control


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