Introduction to Strong Hand Tools

We're on a mission to bring Affordable Modular Fixturing to fabricators around the world...

Strong Hand Tools® Quick-Acting Welding Clamps, Magnets, Pliers, and Vises help metalworkers and welders work more comfortably, safely, and efficiently, for improved work quality, and productivity.

Established in 1983, Strong Hand Tools® was built on one guiding principle: Design TIME SAVING, INNOVATIVE TOOLS that save our customer's time, and therefore, money. Our new product development is on-going and is driven by customer demand stemming from real-life workplace applications. We start with traditional tools that metalworkers have relied on for decades. Then, our engineering team analyzes the tool, and designs updated features that will allow the tool to clamp, position, set-up, and hold steel stock and workpieces at accurate angles, and do it faster, safer, and more efficiently than tools currently available in the industry.

All of our new products are test marketed by industry professionals to ensure that they truly represent a value in terms of cost, quality, and functionality. Strong Hand Tools® are now sold through a network of over 900 Distributors in 45 countries on six continents.

All Strong Hand Tools® Welding Clamps are designed around these principles:

·Quick-Acting: The tool will be quick and easy to setup and use, so that your time is spent working instead of creating time-consuming setups.

·Multi-Function: Unique Strong Hand Tools® accessories will make the clamp adaptable to serve many diverse applications, so that ONE clamp will do the work of many clamps, which translates into money-and time-savings.

·Economy-Priced: The tool will be very affordable, making it accessible to all, so that individuals, or companies with even the smallest budgets can benefit from Strong Hand Tools® innovation.

·Innovative: The tools will present a better, safer, faster way to complete work setups. Strong Hand Tools® feature updated designs that represent a better, more efficient way to clamp.

Our best-known, and most widely used Strong Hand Tools® include:

·Patented Adjust-O Magnetic Squares with the ON/OFF switch for greater ease in setups. Set to OFF during set-up, turn ON when ready to clamp. When you're not fighting the magnetic force, it is easier to create a work set-up. (See page 10 in our Strong Hand Tools® Catalog.)

·Patented 4-in-1 Clamps (Sliding Arm Clamps) adapt to perform four different applications. Using the V-Pad and Extender Block accessories, the 4-in-1 Clamp serves as a: Standard Bar Clamp, Pipe Clamp, Step-Over Clamp, and Spreader Clamp. (See page 5 in our Strong Hand Tools® Catalog.)

·Patented 3-Axis Fixture Vise holds a 3-axis workpiece in position before welding, with one easy setup. The welded 3-axis workpiece can remain in the Vise during cool down to prevent distortion. (See page 26 in our Strong Hand Tools® Catalog.)

Five years ago, we applied our many years of design experience to the development of Modular Welding Tables. The successful result of our careful research and engineering acumen is the BuildPro Modular Welding Tables.

BuildPro Table users benefit from the optimal flexibility and cost savings of in-house fixturing with the BuildPro System. Before we designed the BuildPro Table, we talked with fabricators and learned that many work without a proper welding surface, oftentimes working on the floor, or other unsafe, uncomfortable, or unproductive work surfaces.

Our customers and field experts also told us many companies are dealing with tighter budgets, and striving for shorter lead times on projects. The patented BuildPro Plate + Slot + Hole system allows users to place BuildPro clamps and components at any point on the tabletop as required for each unique fixturing project, making BuildPro a smart solution for companies and shops of all sizes, that work on a wide variety of jobs, from dedicated fixtures for production runs of the same weldments to short run fixtures, or fixtures for prototyping (one time use).

The BuildPro Clamps and Modular Fixturing Components can be positioned and re-positioned as needed, giving small shops, and companies of any size, complete flexibility in fixturing. BuildPro users can work comfortably, safely, and more efficiently, resulting in improvements in both work quality and productivity. We refer to the BuildPro System of Tables, Clamps, and Components as "Affordable Modular Fixturing" because the sensibly priced BuildPro Tables start at a list price of just $995.00. Comparable Welding Tables can cost as much as $10,000. and higher.

In August of 2012, we became the U.S.A. (North American) Distributors of the Siegmund High Precision Welding Tables, manufactured in Germany. We added the Siegmund Table to our product line to serve the heavy duty fixturing market. The Siegmund Table is a product of unsurpassed precision and quality. The five-face tables are constructed from one piece of 25 mm thick reinforced steel plate with a load capacity of 3.5 tons.

Also in August of 2012, we developed the New FixturePoint (Economy) Modular Welding Table. This table retails at $280. and will be a valuable resource for small shops or DIY welders that need a safe, efficient welding surface. The economical, modular FixturePoint table is ideal for welders that are building 2D or 3D frames.

With the recent (2012) addition of the Siegmund High Precision Welding Tables, and the FixturePoint Modular Welding Tables to our product line, we now offer the full spectrum of Welding Tables to meet the needs of companies and welding shops of all sizes, across a wide cross section of metalworking, MRO, assembly, inspection, manufacturing and repair industries.

We are a company dedicated to helping craftsmen work safely, efficiently, comfortably, and cost effectively. We feel you can't underestimate the importance of holding stock properly, for safety, efficiency, and ideal positioning for worker comfort. When a craftsman has those advantages, they can do their best work, in the most ideal conditions possible, to reduce project lead time, and improve work quality. We will continue to provide innovative tools at affordable prices so that all businesses, even one man shops, can purchase our tools on sensible budgets, and benefit from the value of Strong Hand Tools®, BuildPro, Siegmund, and FixturePoint products, in both the purchase price, and the application and function of our tools and tables in everyday use.

As we prepare for the next 30 years, we will continue to study workholding, and provide solutions, and improved methods of clamping and fixturing with a focus on helping craftsmen to be productive in their work, and competitive through cost containment, contributing to their profitability and business growth.

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