Introducing Our New Line of Pilot Devices

Carlo Gavazzi is proud to announce the release of our new line of high quality, affordable pilot devices, including:

Push Buttons (illuminated and non-illuminated)
Buzzers (illuminated and non-illuminated)
Emergency Stop Buttons
Selector Switches
LED Pilot Lights

The push buttons and switches are available in 22mm and 30mm hole sizes, and a wide variety of colors. Contact blocks (of which there are many configurations to choose from) snap into place for a secure fit. In fact, many push button / holder / LED element / contact block configurations can be installed without any tools!

The LED pilot lights are available in five color choices, and eight voltage choices. Standard and compact panel depths, along with five different lens styles, ensure the right light for every application! And, Carlo Gavazzi is proud to feature an innovative dual color pilot light- both red and green lights in a single device. This exciting device helps conserve precious panel space!

Carlo Gavazzi has sales offices spread across North America. Contact us today:

U.S. 847.465.6100 Canada 888.575.2275
Or visit us at

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