Introducing AccuMate, the Servo Gearhead Selection Program

Cone Drive Gearing Solutions has recently launched a new online servo gearhead selection program - AccuMate(TM). With AccuMate(TM), engineering professionals have the ability to match their servo motors with a Cone Drive gearhead. AccuMate(TM) will select the correct gearhead for an application based on a number of variables provided by the engineer - size, speed, etc. Once the motor specifications have been entered into the program, AccuMate(TM) recommends the correct Cone Drive servo gearhead, and can print out the gearhead specifications for the engineer to obtain a quote or to keep in his project file.

AccuMate(TM) also allows a user to download a 2D or 3D model. Experience how easy AccuMate(TM) makes mounting your servo motor to a Cone Drive servo gearhead by visiting

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