Interscan Corporation Launches SENSOR EXPRESS(TM)

New Program Will Streamline Calibration And Maintenance

SIMI VALLEY, CA  - In the field of toxic gas detection, nothing is more important than regular instrument calibration, against a certified standard. Ideally, instrument users should have such calibration standards at the ready, in their own facilities. However, in certain cases, this can be cumbersome and expensive.

This is especially true for gases such as chlorine dioxide, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and peracetic acid. Indeed, there are many important toxic gases which are not well-suited to being contained in typical pressurized cylinders. More often than not, these same compounds have very low occupational health regulatory limits.

For years, instrument users had to get by with crude “bump testing”; sketchy surrogate calibration techniques; authorized service visits which were likely not frequent enough; or awkward exchange services, whereby the old sensor is traded in for a pre-calibrated fresh one.

Interscan’s SENSOR EXPRESS™ removes the hassle. The new program dispatches new pre-calibrated sensors to the customer on a regular basis, without the burden of returning old sensors to the factory for re-certification. Instruments stay in calibration, and in most cases, no further maintenance is required.

Sharon Zirkelbach, Interscan’s service manager said, “Our customers have always recognized the importance of regular calibration, but have also been discouraged when they encounter the practical difficulties. SENSOR EXPRESS™ changes all that, and has already generated much interest.”

Interscan’s SENSOR EXPRESS™ program keeps your gas detection instruments in calibration, with automatic shipments of new sensors-direct to you. There is nothing to send back. It’s as simple as that.

About Interscan Corporation

Established in 1975 and independently owned, Interscan Corporation is a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems. Known especially for its custom systems and niche application areas, Interscan products can be found in such diverse industries as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, building management, chemicals, health care, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and steelmaking.

Interscan analyzers are also well introduced into regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Company Information:

Name: Interscan Corporation

Address: 4590 Ish Drive

City: Simi Valley

State: CA

Zip: 93063-7682

Phone: 1 800 458-6153 (US and Canada)

(818) 882-2331

FAX: (818) 341-0642

Contact: Michael D. Shaw

Phone: 703-796-6063


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