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International Contract Molding Adds Injection Molding Machines

Press release date: Jun 23, 2014

CHARLOTTE, NC — International Contract Molding, LLC (ICM) expands its equipment portfolio by investing in 6 new injection molding machines for their Charlotte, NC location.

Five of the new machines are targeted towards small tonnage products/parts. ICM grows their already vast selection of injection molding machines with the addition of a 125 ton, 170 ton, 400 ton, and two 550 ton injection molding machines. ICM's addition of these small tonnage injection molding machines will meet the increasing demand for the production of smaller parts for industries such as appliances and other consumer good products. In addition, ICM is adding an 880 ton injection molding machine for medium sized plastic parts for their automotive market customers.

These new injection molding machines feature servo hydraulic motors which are extremely energy efficient. Servo hydraulic motors are highly efficient, and provide fast response with extreme accuracy and repeatability. Each machine is outfitted with at least a 3-axis robot with posture that will allow the molded part to be removed from the mold and rotated to any orientation for placement onto a conveyor belt. ICM will have all six machines installed and in production by the end of Q3 2014.

ICM provides turnkey solutions for your custom injection molding project and delivers the technology and resources needed to get your product to the market. Our goal is to be your partner in the design and manufacture of high-quality plastic products for use in material handling, automotive, and specialty markets. Customers can take advantage of ICM's Design and Tooling Engineers who work in tandem, to thoroughly analyze your specific

application requirements and create product designs that balance design integrity and manufacturing optimization. To request a quote or schedule a consultation please call 1-800-399-6886 or email info@icmo|

|CM's complete toolbox of machines can be viewed on their website:

About International Contract Molding, LLC. (ICM):

International Contract Molding, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc., is a global manufacturing company specializing in the development of reusable containers and the creation of efficient, cost-effective solutions. In addition, ICM molds custom plastic parts in a wide range of sizes and configurations for a variety of markets. Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. (OESNA) is a manufacturer of waste containers for the residential and commercial markets. OESNA also has a container service division that provides residential waste container logistics, distribution, servicing and repairing. OESNA is the US division of Otto Group BV, which is a privately held European based company specializing in waste collection products and services. Otto containers are the most widely used brand of residential carts in the world. The Otto Group was founded in 1934 and has manufacturing locations across the globe.

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