Interior Maintenance Company Gears Up for Summer Work

Summer is a big season for us at IMC. When colleges and schools shut down for summer vacation, and other commercial facilities take a holiday break, we are our most active.

The majority of jobs throughout the summer are timely, so they have to be completed by early September, or sometimes even in July or August. This time of year we typically hire new people to prepare for the influx of work. These tight deadlines are enforced because many of the schools and colleges we serve need to be back up and running for the fall semester.

Some of our maintenance projects are even shorter, with plants only shutting down over the 4th of July holiday. Sometimes manufacturing facilities will be closed for a week-long scheduled shutdown to have us clean. This practice has become less common with the state of the economy; companies run production nonstop and they don’t have time for maintenance.

The summer months bring a wide variety of work. As mentioned above, we may be called in to complete an annual wipe down cleaning at a manufacturing plant. Schools and Colleges empty their buildings and invite us in to clean their air duct systems, kitchen exhaust systems, and to pressure wash clean sidewalks and other surfaces.

A lot of the projects we take on deal with odors or microbial contamination within the air conditioning systems. When the cool air from an air conditioning unit mixes with the hot summer air, it tends to create condensation and moisture. Moisture mixed with dirt and dust tends to grow mold, and then IMC is called in to clean.

We're happy to have the business and to be busy in the summer months. For more information please visit our website or call 1-800-220-6547.

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