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Integra Completes 1kW and 200W GaN Radar Amplifiers for Aerospace Applications in P-band

San Francisco, CA (USA) –  Integra Technologies, Inc. (ITI), a leading designer manufacturer of high-power RF transistors, pallets and amplifiers, announces the completion of a 1kW GaN high efficiency amplifier, IGNP0450M1000, for aerospace radar applications, funded by NASA/JPL through SBIR Phase I and II grant awards. An additional 200W high efficiency GaN amplifier for shorter-term programs has also beencompleted through an SBIR Phase IIX grant award. “GaN technology’s inherent low capacitances, on-state resistance and high bias operation facilitate high efficiency high power amplifier designs through harmonic tuning”, say Principal Investigator James Custer and lead scientist Dr. Gabriele Formicone, Integra’s core technical team involved in the project. “The 200W and 1kW GaN radar amplifiers with almost 80% efficiency demonstrate Integra’s capabilities to support aerospace programs in other frequency bands, and show its commitment to providing solutions for various defense, commercial and scientific aerospace applications.”

About IGNP0450M1000:

1kW, 42dB, 75%, 420-450 MHz GaN Radar Amplifier

IGNP0450M1000 operates over the frequency band of 420-450 MHz. Under 100us – 10% pulse conditions, it supplies typically 1 kW of output power with 75% power added efficiency and 42 dB gain from a 75V supply voltage across the case temperature range from -25°C to +85°C. It weighs only 350 gr. and it’s smaller than today’s tablets.

Samples and Availability

Integra Technologies, Inc. designs and builds high power RF transistors, pallets and amplifiers based on each customer’s specific requirements and needs. For further information, please email

About Integra Technologies

Integra is the premier supplier of high power pulsed transistors and pallets to the Avionics, Radar, Communications and ISM industries, with an enviable portfolio covering frequency bands in the VHF/UHF, L-band, S-band and C-band, for commercial, military and defense markets. Integra services these markets with a variety of semiconductor technologies including VDMOS, LDMOS, bipolar and GaN-on-SiC. Privately owned and operated, Integra employs nearly 100 people at its world headquarters located in El Segundo, CA. Integra’s patented technology starts with an all gold metallization process in the die fabrication process to ensure the highest reliability in the industry. With a team of highly knowledgeable RF designers ready to offer application support, Integra offers standard and custom solutions with both discrete devices and integrated pallets for a commanding presence in the global marketplace. With 2 decades of experience, ISO-certified Integra Technologies provides the best of both worlds: Fast response and ample production capacity. All devices are 100%-screened for large-signal parameters.

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Source: Integra Technologies, Inc., 321 Coral Circle, El Segundo, CA 90245

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