Insulated Wire for Every Use

Omega features a broad range of wires for users to choose from. Our class of sensor, transducer, hook-up, heater, RTD, thermocouple, tc extension wire and MI cable include solid or stranded wire with single, 1 pair or multi pair conductors. Long continuous lengths up to 5,000ft/1500m are available for bulk OEM needs. Short 25 foot to 500 foot productions spools are ideal for connecting strain gages to solder terminal strips and pads. The 28 gage ribbon cables with 4-50 conductors are PVC pre-insulated conductors that can easily be trimmed to any conductor width to fit usage. Omega's 24 gage, aluminum-polyester shielded cable comes in 2,4,8 or 15 conductors, features PVC insulation and PVC outer jacket which makes the product suitable for low-and high level voltage signals.

In addition, Omega produces a class of twisted/shielded extension grade thermocouple wire that are resistant to moisture, abrasion, chemicals, and UV light.

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