Innovative Temperature Technology

Since 1967, JULABO has been recognized as a market leader and technological innovator in producing temperature control instruments. JULABO produces temperature regulating equipment that circulates a thermal fluid for applications ranging from -91 to +335 °C. The product line varies from instruments that heat only (to +335 °C) to highly dynamic instruments with a wide temperature capability (-91 to +250 °C) to chillers with up to 20 kW cooling power. JULABO offers a variety of instruments specific to many applications. Our customers span from the pharmaceutical, petroleum, and semi-conductor industries to food preparation, academic laboratories and many others.

Over the last 42 years JULABO has continually introduced new technology in their products allowing for higher levels of performance without complicated operation.

Think Green

Converting a process from tap water cooling to a Recirculating Cooler saves precious tap water, reduces operational costs and exercises responsible care by reducing environmental impact. Even converting a dry ice condenser or 'cold finger' to a condenser with a chiller reduces overall energy consumption by up to a factor of three. In many cases the cost of a Recirculating Cooler can be recouped in one year with the added benefit of precise temperature control - no more worries about fluctuating tap water temperatures.

Quality In Your Hands

All JULABO products are manufactured under strict quality standards. JULABO is an ISO 2001 registered company. All JULABO products carry a 2-year warranty. North American customers are supported from JULABO USA facilities in Allentown, PA and Vista, CA. Our JULABO certified service department also provides planned maintenance and/or service plans.

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