Infor MyDay Helps Users Conquer Their Working Day

Persona-based User Interface Helps Improve Productivity, Focus Workers on Actionable Tasks that Create Value

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 15 -- Infor today announced Infor MyDay, a dynamic Web 2.0 user interface for Infor applications that provides central access to the critical information users need to excel in their daily work. Based on in-depth research into the roles and working life of real users, Infor MyDay presents content from Infor applications in personalized format, allowing users to easily drill-down to transactional systems and make sound decisions that create value for the organization. Infor MyDay will be available for select Infor solutions in early 2009, at no additional charge to active maintenance customers, with additional solution support to be announced throughout 2009.

People spend much of their day interacting with business applications, searching for relevant information, and consolidating data manually so they can make informed business decisions and provide answers to colleagues and customers. Infor MyDay reduces the time required to find the information they need, directing users to focus on the most important tasks that add value to their organizations. It presents current information from virtually any data source into a tailored web page, complete with reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on their roles. Users can personalize Infor MyDay to their individual requirements, such as creating chart views to represent data, and drill into the original data source or application to process transactions.

"One of the universal problems facing business software users is the deluge of data coming from all directions. This means they spend more time searching for the right information, and less time actually acting on that information to create value," said Bruce Gordon, chief technology officer, Infor. "Infor MyDay is a completely new approach in business software, which we developed from the ground up. It makes information actionable -- and that's the reason people use business software in the first place."

Infor MyDay is in limited availability and deployed at an initial number of customers in the discrete and process manufacturing industries, on the Infor ERP Adage, Infor ERP LN, Infor ERP SyteLine, and Infor ERP VISUAL solutions. The interface is pre-integrated into Infor applications through Infor Open SOA, which reduces implementation times and also provides a standards-based approach for integration of non-Infor systems and data sources.

AddisonMckee, an Ohio-based manufacturer of tube-bending and endforming technologies for the automotive, aviation, truck, and shipbuilding industries, is one of the initial customers on the limited availability release. An Infor ERP SyteLine customer, AddisonMckee has won awards for a lean manufacturing program that helped transform its operations in terms of overall efficiency and customer service.

"Infor MyDay is exciting because it extends the process improvements of our lean manufacturing program, automating the manual gathering and distribution of information," said Matt Haines, global IT manager, AddisonMckee. "For example, MyDay removes the need for running several tooling reports in the morning and then updating a whiteboard in the engineering department. The production manager and associates obtain just the information they need on their screen in real-time without manual intervention. Each person understands the progression of work, in a way that is personalized to their specific job, whether they are in the board room, the shop floor, sales, or shipping."

"This is a time and cost saver from an IT perspective too, because we don't have to build customized reports for each user and they can personalize their own views without support from the IT department," said Haines.


Software vendors often tout role-based capabilities in their user interfaces, but Infor MyDay goes to the next level by taking a multi-dimensional approach to understanding the user's persona. Based on thousands of hours of research and interviews with end-users, Infor has created over 150 composite personas that encompass a person's responsibilities, daily tasks, skills, work environment, management hierarchy, and goals and challenges. Based on this understanding of the user persona, Infor has pre-built reports and metrics specific to each position. Sixteen personas are currently available, covering areas such as sales, finance, production, purchasing, and logistics. For more detailed information on personas, visit

Infor Open SOA

Infor MyDay is built on modern technologies, with Ajax and other standards-based development tools. It utilizes Infor Open SOA, an event-driven service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework that leverages an industry standard business language to distribute data between Infor solutions and other systems. Infor is a board member of the Open Applications Group (OAGi), a standards-making body comprised of software vendors and industry groups, and uses the OAGIS Standard as the business language for interoperability.

About Infor

Infor acquires and develops functionally rich software backed by thousands of domain experts and then makes it better through continuous innovation, faster implementation options, global enablement, and flexible buying options. In a few short years, Infor has become one of the largest providers of business software in the world. For additional information, visit

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