Infiana Exhibits at CAMX 2017

Specialty Films Manufacturer Continues to Grow its Presence in North America

Malvern - Infiana joins CAMX 2017, the “Composites and Advanced Material Expo“, as a first-time exhibitor this year. This leading industry event takes place in Orlando, Florida from September 11th to 14th. The specialty films manufacturer can be found at Station NES4 in the Innovation Park New Exhibitor Zone.

Focal Points: Process Optimization and Sustainability

Infiana’s debut in Orlando focuses on the topics of optimization and sustainability. “It’s precisely these two challenges that currently play a significant role in the composites market. With our Paper Replacement and FlexPLAS® products, we offer the industry an answer for their issues in these areas. With these two innovative solutions, our customers are able to streamline manufacturing processes for composite components and corresponding intermediate goods in ways that are immediately apparent,” explains Markus Peske, Vice President Composites at Infiana.

Paper Replacement as Efficiency Driver

By replacing siliconized paper with a release liner, Infiana significantly optimizes prepreg manufacturing. This is particularly interesting in the expansive and complex manufacturing processes found in the aerospace and wind power industries. “The big advantage of using films over paper lies in their high tear and moisture resistance,“ reports Dr. Christian Hermann, Application Technology Director at Infiana. “This reduces the risk of web breaks and produces a better surface finish in the prepreg.” The release liner not only replaces siliconized paper, but also the PE release liners that are frequently spooled in during manufacturing. The releaser liner accompanies the prepreg throughout the entire manufacturing process, acting as a two-in-one solution.

A further advantage: thanks to the film’s smooth, even structure, it is possible to use lower resin coating weights in applications such as lightweight composites. Additionally, using films reduces cleaning effort, as there is no paper dust to remove. This allows production costs to be reduced by up to 25 percent.

FlexPLAS® Considerably Reduces Manufacturing Process Times

CAMX visitors can also look forward to learning about application opportunities for FlexPLAS®, the flagship product Infiana has co-developed with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM.

The innovative FlexPLAS® release film technology makes it possible to produce composite parts without liquid release agents. With an elongation of up to 300%, the film can be applied to molds like a second skin. Both the mold and the component remain residue-free after curing; time-intensive cleaning and activation steps are no longer necessary, and the end product is immediately ready to paint and ready to bond. This substantially reduces corresponding process times and creates cost savings. The release film can be used in all relevant composite industries, including the aerospace, wind energy, automotive, and medical markets.

About the Infiana Group:

The Infiana Group develops and produces innovative engineered films for consumer and industry applications. The Group employs about 800 employees at three production sites in Forchheim (Germany), Malvern (USA) und Samutsakorn (Thailand), and is active in the personal care (film products for hygiene packaging), healthcare (release and process films, films for packaging), construction (release and surface films), composites (release and process films) and pressure sensitive markets (siliconized release films). More information can be found online at

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